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Hi Stalkerz c: well first than all my name is Lily but you can call me Ero and I love living in my WORLD........ 8D.

Oh Nana love ME 8D emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Some Facts about me:

-Addicted to zOMG (RIP)
-I love avi art:

- I have a beautiful baby girl that mean the world to me ♥ (March '15)
- I'm single and I plan to stay like this for a while
- I'm older gaian and irl also
- Has a young soul
- I'm kind, nice and playfull as long you are the same way with me
- I am a Lover not a hater
- A hopeless dreamer
- Admirer of art, I see art everywhere
- Photographer or at least try to be one, rather take photographies of nature/landscape than persons, why? I just found more amusement in it.
- Nature, music, books, dreams lover
- Outgoing but undisclosed in personal matters.
- Traveler, is the best way to scape out of routine and thoughts. I would go anywhere.
- I like new things, risky or not I would do them.
- English is not my main language.
- Once you tell me something that you don't want noone know it my lips will be sealed until the day I die. I don't have the right to tell the world other person's secrets.
- I am honest, I hate injustice and those who criticize others.
- I will love you for your soul, not for what you wear, how you look, where are you from, or your condition.


- Travel to Europe.
-Travel to NYC (Done)
- Travel to Japan.
-Travel to Egypt.
- Skin diving
- Parachute jump.
- Abseiling.
- Zip Line (Done).
- Doing an MBA (In process).
- Live happy ever after
- Learn to ride a motorcycle.
- Learn other language besides english.
- Go in boat around niagara falls (Done).
- Make a difference in this world (Not sure how I will figure it out).

I try to be positive all the time, even when things look really bad. My daughter is the engine that keep me going and sane. I do NOT accep random friend requests.

I love my friends and I will do anything for them, I'm patient but once I got disappointed of someone, nothing will be the same ever.

The reason why I do not accept random friend requests is simple, If you are interested in know more about me then talk to me first? PM's and Comments are public so go ahead and hit me up 8D

I love avi art, I used be an art collector but since inflation is so high and I'm barely on this site anymore to make some gold I can't afford it.

To me the Music are those feelings that goes beyond spoken words...... So probablly you would know how I feel for the music on my profile/FB/Or w.e

English is not my main language so I'm sorry for my bad spelling/grammar, or if I confusse you lol

Anything else? Hit me up c:

"αмα єт quσď νιѕ fα¢"


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