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TurnToJay Report | 10/24/2016 3:57 pm
Suurree if you wanna call it that xD. Thanks for the tip :p
ServantOfAhri Report | 10/24/2016 3:09 pm
hey there. ^-^ PM me?
TurnToJay Report | 10/24/2016 10:18 am
No I drove back home really late last night. I don't have class till 2 so I'm just chilling on here and reading this paper at the same time :p
TurnToJay Report | 10/23/2016 11:48 pm
I'm good, how are you? smile
TurnToJay Report | 10/23/2016 12:28 pm
That's nice to know xd
FI3X Report | 10/21/2016 1:14 pm
Tu odio alimenta mi ego
Azrael Saint Pierre Report | 10/21/2016 11:58 am
Azrael Saint Pierre
eh.. bien y tu? Yea im feeling better, still cant walk though
Azrael Saint Pierre Report | 10/21/2016 11:52 am
Azrael Saint Pierre
What's up?
Kekkai Sensen Report | 10/19/2016 9:30 pm
Kekkai Sensen
Clonazepam 2mg Report | 10/19/2016 4:28 pm
Clonazepam 2mg
jajajaja for sure xD


♥ Lilith ♥

❀ ║║ ЄяФтĭ¢ Є¢ŝтαšч ║║ ❀

★¢σммєит★ - ★вє fяιєиďѕ★ - ★ℓσνє мє - ★тαℓк★ - ★ĐẶ★

-Name is Lily but you can call me Ero and I love living in my WORLD........ 8D.
-On my 2s
- Ex Pro zOMGer (RIP)
- Single (not looking)
- English is not my main language.
- Mom of a beaituful baby girl
- Photographer
- Admirer of art, nature, music, books, different countries and cultures
-I love avi art:
- Has a young soul
- I'm kind, nice and playfull as long you are the same way with me
- I am a Lover not a hater
- Outgoing but undisclosed in personal matters.
- Hopeless dreamer
- Traveler; is the best way to scape out of routine and thoughts. I would go anywhere.
- I like new things, open minded
- Secret keeper
- Honest, lover, friendlyI, passionate, playful but serious when needed.
- Never judge.
- I will love you for your soul.

I try to be positive all the time, even when things look really bad. My daughter is the engine that keep me going and sane. I do NOT accep random friend requests.

I love my friends and I will do anything for them, I'm patient but once I got disappointed of someone, nothing will be the same ever, and I literally stop caring.

The reason why I do not accept random friend requests is simple, If you are interested in know more about me then talk to me first? PM's and Comments are public so go ahead and hit me up 8D

I love avi art, I used be an art collector but since inflation is so high and I'm barely on this site anymore to make some gold I can't afford it.

To me the Music are those feelings that goes beyond spoken words...... So probablly you would know how I feel for the music on my profile/FB/Or w.e

English is not my main language so I'm sorry for my bad spelling/grammar, or if I confusse you lol

Anything else? Hit me up c:

"αмα єт quσď νιѕ fα¢"


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