yanni hackd ! ♥

aye perra's & putos its la nena(yanii)here hack this sehxy motherfuxkers page.
(never sayin daht again) if yuu dumbass's havent read mah preveous haxks then yuur fuxkd yuu wont understand the way we roll but wahtevr ;D it was non of yuur bizz anyways....
im here to say daht this mofo i happen to be just like love with all my damn heart but hell how can i not love him he's the male meh ..
but i happen to be alot sehxier ;D
damn sean yuur the icing to my cupcake , the love of my life (SIKE)...
well chico waht i have to say ....
i love yuu but i cant stand yuur cocky a** .
btw yuu sound so black on the phone (no offence to the ppl reading)
lmao moving on ...
well my loving tamaki , we both know know yuur cocky a** love my cute a** alot mor then yuu let off , so quit playing & face the fuxking fact daht yuu cant live yuu live without meh . lml ^.^
&take meh off punishment ill be good i promise !!!!! pppwwwzzz D;< ....
its not fair i wont go do something dangerous when im mad .. i promise ....
i dont like being grounded . !
sean, plz tell fuxking carlos to leave yuu alone & not use yuur as a pillow yuur mine & mine alone . my osito ..
oso plz unground meh & adore meh like yuu always do..
yesh ppl he adores meh . he love meh with all his fuking heart & then some
;D muhahahaha
i got yuu heart on lock
* well babyboy . idunoo how well to say but i love yuu sean.
& im ways gonna be here for yuu .
p.s no bitxh can touch yuu or imma kick some fuxking asss
no damn lie ;D
muuuaaahhhhh ;*
evn when yuur punishing meh
love yuu dummy
-Nena to Hiqh-
p.s.s stop making those clicking noises when we are on the damn phone -.-
II Blow Meh II