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Hello. There really isn't much to say. I mainly come here to roleplay and acquire pixelated renderings of clothing and hair. I spend even more time on Tumblr. In spite of all the caffeine I imbibe, I'm a sedentary little s**t. Soaring on the wings of escapism, albeit temporarily.

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I basically save character profiles in here. I prefer paper for traditional journal entries. :/

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abeautifulbrain Report | 08/30/2015 8:47 pm
Your avatar is pretty! c:

What do you roleplay?
Shrimp_Man Report | 08/23/2015 12:30 am
Yes! It can be some of the best written stuff in a fandom, which is highly amusing to me.

I like that Gene had such high hopes for humans in general. ToS is literally how he thought that humans might one day become.

I guess. I think most people feel that Sisko is one of the good captains though. I'd think Enterprise is the least liked show though.
JimAboo Report | 08/23/2015 12:03 am
JimAboo Report | 08/23/2015 12:02 am
xd LOL.
JimAboo Report | 08/22/2015 11:49 pm
You don't eat it.
JimAboo Report | 08/22/2015 11:39 pm
No It's a magical golden button. confused
JimAboo Report | 08/22/2015 11:30 pm
Thanks for stopping by. *leaves a button*
Aentha Report | 08/21/2015 2:26 pm
I keep changing it because someone is saying that I "stole" their avi. lol.
Shrimp_Man Report | 08/20/2015 10:07 pm
Oh I know the spoiler, I've known that practically since I first started reading fanfiction after seeing the 2009 movie. xD

True. Gene did have a rather heavy hand in the characterization of Kirk. And as a result, he ends up seeming like has less flaws than the Pine version.

I haven't seen any of DS9 yet except for a bit from the bloopers. xD
Shrimp_Man Report | 08/19/2015 8:57 pm
I haven't watched the movie yet, after I found out that it takes place after the last season of TNG, I decided to postpone seeing it until after I finished the final season. Ironically, I actually find that I like the Shatner version of Kirk over the Pine version. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Chris Pine's Kirk, but I just have a slight preference for the original.

I haven't seen anything with Janeway yet, but I already love Sisko for punching Q. xD Out of three captains, he's the only one to have the balls to do it.

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