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I'm AmandaTheStampede. I had an account here on gaia by that name but it got banned. D:<

I'm 23, and graduated from Scarlet Oaks CDC in May '09. I went for Interactive Media, a Graphics Design kind-of class. In my junior year I met the guy I'm going to be married to someday, who also happens to be a gaian also. ILU Raian Ryouta. <3

I used to be super addicted to Gaia but then some other shiny thing came along. Now I'm back, and glued to the Pokemon forum!

Looking at my username will tell you that I love Trigun. Not as much as I used to in my anime-obsessed stage, but it will always hold a place in my heart.


draw me? ♥
3DS FC: 0302 - 1222 - 8204
IGN: Amanda



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LeV Oblivion Report | 08/22/2015 10:18 pm
It's paired things there're 2 other recolors of it too~
SamtaufZedern Report | 08/18/2015 1:33 am
thank you very much smile 3nodding and thx for buying
Team Magma Maxie Report | 11/27/2014 4:34 am
Yes! That is definitely me. Hello.
Nyadriel Report | 06/08/2014 1:39 am
guild invites... blocking... account settings... thank Gaia!
Has A Cunning Plan Report | 04/13/2014 8:09 pm

I love your username! biggrin

tsun princess Report | 04/08/2014 5:54 pm

Happy birthday, hun. ♥
RavishingRuby Report | 03/22/2014 5:39 pm
Thanks. I could tell you who the artist is if you like

~User Image~
3DS FC: 3411-0531-4493
Little Miss Fortune Report | 03/18/2014 1:32 pm
Haha, thank you! I tried to make it as pink as possible XD
Little Miss Fortune Report | 03/12/2014 2:32 am
I've had a season pass to Cedar Point before, and my whole family pretty much lived there that summer XD
And that would be cool if we had been to Kings Island on the same day before without knowing it, haha

I'll definitely need the luck since I'm usually one of the first ones voted out. Nobody trusts me anymore because I lied like crazy and backstabbed everybody one year xd
If I were the one cooking/passing out the rice, I would have been like "Here's some for you, some for you, some for you, none for you because you threw yours in the fire..." XD
Little Miss Fortune Report | 03/12/2014 1:33 am
Oh, awesome! A fellow Ohioan! I'm from Cleveland. And I looove roller coasters and usually go to Cedar Point at least once a year. And I've been to King's Island a few times, tooooo~
I have been watching Survivor. I've seen every season (although some of them I had to watch online or on DVDs because I didn't watch them when they were on). It's one of my favorite shows. My cousin's fiance actually hosts a Survivor tournament every year and I always compete in it. I've never won, but it's a lot of fun. He actually builds tons of challenges and stuff, and we record it all and edit it onto a DVD and stuff. It's always like the highlight of my summer XD
And omg, how could they keep J'Tia after she threw their rice in the fire?!?!? I turned to my parents and said "If she doesn't go home, I'm not going to watch this season" and THEY KEPT HER. I couldn't believe it D=
raian Ryouta

comment me! <3

"School Legend"! :'D
I somehow managed to
bump 3000 times to get
this title within just
a couple days, during
the back to school
event of 09. Yes, I
am insane. I was the
first to uncover the
title! ^__^

This was my BOO avatar
from Halloween '09. I
wish we could have kept
the skins! T__T