Silver The Hedgehog02 on 10/01/2014
R0uge The Bat on 10/01/2014

Hello There Person.
My name is Hazama.
I was known as Silver The Hedgehog on Gaia.
(Top Left Corner is my other Account)(Old Sonic Crew)
Rogue & Kameiko are the BEST FRIENDS I've Got
And I would never EVER trade them for anyone else <3
I love them Both with all my heart <3
I welcome you to the eternal pits of the Ouroboros. <3
I am 18 years of age - Current Status: Single
Currently Studying: Biology & Chemistry.
I am a very positive person that wishes for everyone to be happy, and to be themselves.
I love talking to people, making friends, play games, draw, RP, you name it! Don't hesitate to come up to me and say hi!
I'm not shy!
Any other questions that you would like to ask then contact me!
I'll be nice to you even if you're mean to me! c:
Be my friend! <3
"Dare to believe that you can survive my friendship?"


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