Aly waz hheeerrreeee

Aly was here biitch ! OhMyGod I love this girl sooo much <3 she`s my bestest friend in the universe !! she`s like my sister <3 since we were two years old babyy <333 we have three bijillion and four inside jokes (but hey, who`s counting ?) hahaha i love you dezzie-elephent so much you don`t even know <333


heyy dessinee [: i love you lots; you're an AHMAZINGG person and you're a fun weirdo to hang out with. without yoohh, i would have gone seriously crazyy by now.. you've gotten me through so much bullshit in my life nnd i'm so thankful. . . you always know just what to say to make me feel better when i'm sad. 'nd.. yer my zombie sex slave [;

some thingss i'd love to accomplish.♥

-stay up all night looking at the stars
-have the perfect summer fling♥
-have a perfect summer fling that lasts
-have an amazing relationship
-meet a celebrity/band-member
-go to paris
-shop at the original chanel.♥
-meet michael c hall and jennifer carpenter♥
-movie marathon sleepoverrrr!
-be in a mosh pit
-finish something i start
-have a week-long sleepover
-go on a roadtrip with just friends
-go to a kick-a** concert
-trash a store
-lose a few pounds?(:
-go insane at walmart
-have a little costume party at party city?(;
-be unforgettable.