pls excuse this mess

hi i'm destinee & i haven't been on gaia since i was like 12 so all of my embarrassing childhood behavior is left over please let me delete all of it before you judge me. ♥

< i don't know why it's poking over the side & i can't change this background so...

some thingss i'd love to accomplish.♥

-stay up all night looking at the stars
-be in an amazing relationship
-meet a celebrity/band-member
-meet michael c hall and jennifer carpenter♥
-meet jared padalecki bc he is bae
-movie marathon sleepoverrrr!
-be in a mosh pit
-finish something i start
-have a week-long sleepover
-go on a roadtrip with just friends
-travel to exotic places
-get over fears
-go to a kick-a** concert
-trash a store
-lose a few pounds?(:
-go insane at walmart
-be unforgettable.