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Where ta start, where ta start, Oh yea.. My names Josh, but you can call me daddy and im the most awesome person you'll meet kay? Ever heard of a cocky b*****d? Well i gave it a picture(Google it sometime). Uhm, I love ZOMBIES, piercings,bondage, and any sex position you can think of. I enjoy trolling, flirting, and and texting(No you cant have my number). I'm from mississippi, born in south carolina. I'm a military brat and going to the marinecorps. Things i dislike are you.. uhm, racism and people that dont carry themselves very well. My favorite colors are pink and orange. Yes, im straight, ******** anyone who dares ask me if im gay. Maybe if you're lucky i'll add you, first go get a life. If you find one, maybe you could help me find mine. All random friend request will be rejected if your bio sucks. Anywho deuces my lovely bishs...

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