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Hello, my name is Nathan, but please, call me Lunar. I am 27 years old and a proud gay male. I live in Kentucky. I love it here and nothing in the world will change that. I have two dogs and one cat.

I really don't know what else to tell you. I guess if you want, just message me and ask me questions and I will gladly answer you.


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yumi-ganbaru Report | 08/22/2017 2:47 pm
Thank you for your purchase.
Have a nice day.
Mr Nobody_77 Report | 11/04/2015 9:00 am
Mr Nobody_77
Thanks for purchasing!!! biggrin
Kerchief Report | 01/13/2014 10:09 pm
Thank you for buying! yum_puddi
l3ro Report | 12/18/2013 11:52 am
Pleasure doing business with you.
I hope you enjoy the item that you purchased from me.
Good Day...
OrchidDreamer52 Report | 12/16/2013 10:44 pm
I am glad to hear it and you are welcome, Reotsu. ^__^
Good night and farewell for now. *bows respectfully and disappears in a shower of silver flower petals*
OrchidDreamer52 Report | 12/16/2013 10:39 pm
Thanks again.

That is wonderful to hear, Reotsu.
I wish you all the best with your educational pursuits.
I have full confidence that you will be able to begin your pre-pharmacy studies at a four year university in the coming Fall.

I am sorry to cut our conversation short, but it is getting late and I should be heading out for the night.
It was very nice getting to talk with you again after a while, Reotsu.
Until next time, please take care of yourself. ^__^
OrchidDreamer52 Report | 12/16/2013 10:29 pm
Thank you again, Reotsu.

I have been doing well overall. I have continued to work towards my personal and professional goals.
I am happy to say that I am feeling healthier more fit than I have in a long while.
I still have some ways to go before reaching my ultimate goal, but I am proud of my progress thus far. 3nodding smile
OrchidDreamer52 Report | 12/16/2013 10:17 pm
I am quite glad to hear that you are doing well, Reotsu. ^___^
I am also glad to hear that your Winter has been going well overall so far.
Thank you very much for your good wishes as well. smile
OrchidDreamer52 Report | 12/16/2013 10:07 pm
Hello Reotsu(Lunar),

I know that it has been quite a while since our last conversation, but I hope that life has been continuing to treat you well overall. ^__^
I also wanted to wish you well for this Christmas/Winter Holiday season and I hope that you will have a bright and prosperous New Year. smile
TommeOfZards Report | 11/27/2013 7:59 pm
Thanks for buying!

Gay and Proud!