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Kassio Oliveira Report | 07/17/2015 1:08 pm
It was Vadim/Vad. Never Vlad.

Look at you bein' all independent. How's it going for you?
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Thank you.

How have you been?
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Tis no problem at all. c:
Argel Tal Report | 07/14/2015 1:42 pm
This song on ye profile is rather nifteh.
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Fluxe, lets hangout in towns so you can brush my luscious hair like the pretty pretty princess I deserve to be treated as.
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Thanks for the purchase heart
I am of Legend Report | 03/04/2015 1:44 pm
This is the Sauce of Legend. I do know the Brother's PICTURE, is that of those brother psychopaths from Outlast, but that is simply an image to reference their appearance...My profile and their character info is in no way connected to the game. Their character style is completely unique, and my own. Just informing you. :3
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Thanks for buying from my store!
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Thank you for buying!
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Fine actually.
It's rather manageable now. I haven't had a black out in over a year now. C:


Gaian Family..

Ayran Vesper // Brother
Encription // Twin Brother


    ■ DOB: 5.24 // Tauremini

    Trans // Likes Men

    ■ Furry // Fursona: Crina

    □ Employed// College Student // Volunteer

    ■ Don't be shy to say hello. I love meeting new people!



* = They have their own storyline.

Megumi De'Voire and Marjorie

Age // 20
Sex // Female
Gender Identity // Cis Female
Species // Human
Height // 4'9
Weight // 91 Ibs.

Weapon // Scythe
Magic // Megumi carries around a black and white rabbit plushie with pale blue eyes named "Marjorie" that can transform into an actual being capable of fighting alongside Megumi. Whenever Majorie transforms, it mimics Megumi's weapon in the form of a smaller scythe, though Marjorie is more aggressive and physical than Megumi is.

Personality // Megumi possesses a bit of a stoic personality due to being adopted into her current family. She does possess a large grudge towards her original family and keeps grudges very well, often reminding Marjorie of who she wants dead. To those she does not know, she does not speak until spoken to.
Marjorie Personality // Majorie, once transformed, is very loyal to Megumi. She also possesses hatred towards A-Tech for trapping her in the body of a doll unless transformed. She also is quite promiscuous given her nature as a rabbit, and she enjoys showing off her feminine side.

History // Megumi was adopted at the age of 9 into the de'Voire family, complete with her brother Rodrick, her mother Genievieve, and her father Ulfric. She beared much hatred towards her family because they were not her own, however her fondness of her mother increased whenever her mother returned one day from her work at A-Tech with a special stuffed bunny. Little did Megumi know that this stuffed rabbit transformed into a living being whenever Megumi wanted her to.
She named her stuffed rabbit Marjorie, and whenever she first transformed, Marjorie was quick to reveal her backstory after a brief struggle to escape from Megumi. However, some unknown power prevented her from getting too far from Megumi, as if they were attached somehow. Megumi shared feelings with Marjorie as far as feeling abandoned, and she began to grow more hatred towards her birth family and A-Tech to the point that she sabotaged a facility her mother worked at to explode spontaneously with Marjorie's help.
Little to her knowledge, she killed her mother and father both at the same time. Now Megumi lives with her brother, Rodrick, and their step-father Jordin, in the De'Voire mansion. Yet Megumi has sadistic intentions to cast upon her step-father, Jordin, who has a history of his own with A-Tech..
In addition to her sadistic plans, Megumi and Rodrick are now in charge of the De'Voire mansion with Jordin taking care of all of the monetary stuff.. however, recently Rodrick has gone missing. Megumi, having developed a second natured fondness for her brother, and she seeks to get him back..

Possible Side Characters: Rodrick De'Voire, Jordin De'Voire, Sinna De'Luxe, Rai Fo*, Abheri "Nishka" Jomo*


Crina de’Clorele la Lune
Alias: Flux

Age // 22
Sex // Intersexual
Gender Identity // Cis-Female
Species // Anthropomorphic Arctic Fox
Height // 5’10
Weight // 162 Ibs.
Appearance // Look @ About

Weapon // Fans and Ninja Blade
Magic // Due to Will’o’Wisps nature, Crina developed an art for ice and water based elemental attacks that are known to mimic her opponent’s movements to provide distractions, and to freeze them.

Personality // Her personality before her amnesia is unknown, but Crina has developed into a quiet, adventurous, open-minded and curious vixen. She is also very talkative whenever curious, and will often engage in conversation with those she does not know. She is bright minded but does have her doubts, especially when reminded of Will'o'Wisp.

History // Starting off, Crina was a devout Guardian of Will’o’Wisp. She assisted souls who failed to pass on, as is the code of Will’o’Wisp that all souls that could not pass on resided in the peaceful, misty realm. There were large villages scattered among the paranormal world that were protected by Moone, Cantoluna, and Lune tribe magic. All three were full of anthropomorphic, pale individuals mixed with pale elves and pale skinned humana.
The tribes were, however, notorious for constantly battling each other with the assistance of souls who could not pass on. Without realizing this, this caused spirits great pain and suffering that they were meant to be avoided from. The Moone, Cantolune, and Lune tribes all decided to make a pact: the La Odihna Pact that, in time, would elect three tribe Guardian Ceresc’s (or symbol) to protect each tribe in peace and harmony.
Crina was chosen as Lune’s Ceresc, with Dumitru being Moone’s Ceresc, and Jirokyo being Cantolune’s Ceresc. Crina had a younger sister named Miruna Lune. Crina and Miruna were almost completely alike, however Crina was very curious of the outside world. She didn’t enjoy the restrictive lifestyle that was forced upon all Ceresc. She would watch other tribe members pull spirits who were lost from Liphilius to Willo’Wisp, envying their ability to explore the world.
Every lunar eclipse, which happened annually in Will’o’Wisp, spirits were set to pass on if they had fulfilled their pact with the tribe elders through their own personal journey which were assisted on these eclipses. All three Ceresc would unite to celebrate and keep the La Odihna Pact alive.
However, Crina was not silent of her pestilence to explore the outside world. While Jirokyo applauded this vision, Dumitru found this useful. Dumitru pulled Crina aside and offered her the ability to explore the outside world. Crina, caught totally off-guard from this spontaneous offer, had no choice but to accept! She wanted to know everything the planet Liphilius had to offer! However, Crina’s younger sister offered her lessons on why nto to accept Dumitru’s words, saying “he speaks of opportunities that can not be taken back.”
Much to Miruna’s caution, Crina still went through with Dumitru’s offer. So she set off to meet Dumitru in a private location. However, the moon quickly shifted to it’s hidden terrors when it was Jirokyo that was present. Jirokyo quickly bound Crina helpless after revealing her bloodline was much stronger than the Cantolune’s, and that his younger sister would make a wonderful bride. To Crina’s dismay, Jirokyo opened a portal to Liphilius, and pushed Crina inside of it..
The natural law of Will’o’Wisp dictates that flesh and blood become forever frozen if an individual were to choose to ever abandon their duties as a Guardian of the realm. Through this act, Crina was now labeled as an outsider of Will’o’Wisp. Never to return again lest she be frozen.
Now in the world of Liphilius, the portal sucked out most of her memories and she was merely left with a worn satchel that she carried with her. Where she awoke had a strange architecture to it. Nothing compared to Will’o’Wisp.
In addition to the strange lands, one of Crina’s eyes had turned red. However, due to her amnesia she thought, and still thinks, that this is only natural.
With the sun now shining upon Crina, she made her way to the nearest village she could, and on the way found Takei Inn, where she decided to stay. To earn a living, she began to work at Takei Inn. Without a doubt, the Inn owner hired Crina due to the significantly different yet drastic appearance Crina had compared to any other individuals who passed by the Inn.
Crina was honored to have been appreciated so highly. However, only the slight mythology of stories about Will’o’Wisp and the Inn are two things Crina has to relate to. Now without a clue of where she is, Crina has yet to branch out to forge her own story.

Possible Side Characters: Umiyo Katakane*, Miruna la Lune*, Dumitru de Moone, Jirokyo de Cantoluna


Sophina Hrodohaidis, "Born of Rose"
Alias: Rohese Veradon

Age // 25
Sex // Female
Gender Identity // Cis-Female
Species // Anthropomorphic Rose Vixen
Height // 5’9
Weight // 140 lbs.

Weapon // Bow and Arrow
Magic // Blood Magic: Sophina, due to her blood's qualities, can use her own blood to keep others well. Due to it already circulating in her own body, she is rarely ever ill.

Personality // Because of her history, she is often cautious and doesn’t typically engage in conversation with other individuals she does not know. She has an inept fear of her own blood being exposed, as well. She is also disciplined, yet while her natural mannerisms due to her upbringing are to act proper, she struggles to avoid this and tries to act like an average woman.

History // Born of royal blood in the kingdom of Thornne, Sophina grew up with a silver spoon in her maw. Adorned by the kingdom with a younger brother named Oakul, Sophina blossomed in her age around sixteen years old where she continued to receive royal treatment.
However, in every story there is unfortunate circumstances. In Sophina’s story at the blossoming of her rose, her blood began to emit a strange smell that attracted those around her and was regarded as sweet-smelling. As she grew to be 25, Sophina was to wed a male named Redraune Batestar to tie the kingdoms of Thornne and Batestar due to the slowly crashing economy the kingdom of Thornne was beginning to face.
This was no struggle for Sophina considering she was never taught the lessons of love, only honor. Throughout her marriage until her 18th date of age, the kingdom of Thornne continued to crash. Sophina’s father, Yorik, suggested that Sophina donate her blood for the creation of magical essences due to her newly discovered compatibly her blood had with creations of magical potions and items. It also began to produce a wonderful smell that could be used in perfumes.
Initially, Sophina reluctantly agreed in honor of the Hrodohaidis name for Thornne. However, in a short period Thornne recovered at the cost of Sophina’s stamina. Numerous times, Sophina faced corruption within her own body due to the link it shared after being created as a potion. So she had to stop donating her blood. Yet her family was greedy. Her father, Yorik and her husband, Redraune, both forced her to continue without the consideration of her life. Redraune revealed, after one night of Sophina revealing this information, that his intentions were to use Sophina as his “lovely prized possession” after she bared him a child, much to her dismay.
Without any other choice, Sophina had to escape her families greed that also infected the rest of Thornne’s royal families’. So not only did she need to escape her family, she needed to escape Thornne or she would face her own demise due to what she could not control: her blood’s scent and magical properties.
It did not take long for Sophina to make a plan and follow through with it. Forced to steal a decent sum of her families’ riches, Sophina escaped and forged herself a new name: “Rohese Veradon,” to avoid any suspicion.
Now she resides in Elba Village, in constant guard of herself without a clue of where to go or what to do. The only thing on her mind is to survive, and never draw her own blood again.

Update: Sophina's mother had already fled for an unknown reason at Sophina's birth, so she does not know her mother. Perhaps her jounrey will lead her to Sophina's mother?

Possible Side Characters: Tiff Rocke*, Enella Sproute, Redraune Batestar, Oakul Hrodohaidis, Yorik Hrodohaidis, Sophina's Mother*