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Fossilized basically (20)
Syd is my wify/sugar momma
Ask for kik

-sits down and files nails-
Ayy this yo homie g, Sydney c;
I just want to say to all those who mess with my girl, Eileen.
You are also messin' with me >:C
But if you get to know her you will learn that she is a great friend to hang out with<3
She is so nice and funny, and speaks her mind yo!
So, get to know her why don't ya? But not like that >:C
Hop off her D bros and gals. Eileen don't do that kind of s**t with y'all thirsty asses. LOL.
Anyways, I just want to say, I love you girl<3
We are like hella crazy when we are in rally and it is so much fun cx
Especially when we troll with people lolol.
Oh yeah and I'll never forget our minion days~
BANANANAAAAA (lul, we bought a banana for 100k.. )
Okay, well I don't know what else to say, so yeah I'm done.
Now, stfu and gtfo her profile.
You stalker. c;
Love Sydney <3

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"I'm afraid of falling apart."

"Why? Fall apart. They make mosaics out of shattered glass. There is beauty in every form of falling."

-Sana Abuleil


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