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Last Login: 04/18/2009 5:38 pm

Registered: 10/24/2006

Gender: Male

Location: Barton 21001000

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Me Ingeneral

¡¡¡Wh0-h00!!! Me, *points 2 herself dumblly* I am a Sagittarius who's CoNsTaLLY CoNfUsEd 4 a Scorpio. But I actually like that, since people can see my good personality. I am REALLY good in Math, Science, and Art. BUT I hate English, because I suck in spelling & grammar. I smilies/icon_heart.gif Luv 2 learn other languages & I sPEAK @ least 2 languages daily 2 my parents. I can READ in at least 3 other langauges beside English. I am HOT TEMPERED @ times but I am usually a HAPPY PERSON smilies/icon_4laugh.gif & I truely Luv smilies/icon_heart.gif People most of the time.
I am on my way 2 Finish my first year in College. smilies/cheese_whine.gif ¡¡¡YAY!!! Most likelly You will find me usually Drawing things that I like. I Luv 2 smilies/icon_heart.gif Travel, shop for stickers & furniture, and collecting sea shells Oh yeah? I Luv smilies/icon_heart.gif 2 laugh untill I cry!!! smilies/icon_rofl.gif Insane Rite? Well, I do. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif America is my country & Bush is smilies/icon_stressed.gif not my President! Damn 2 more years untill New President!

I Am 50% Evil

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You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
:domo: Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination smilies/icon_heart.gif.

Critisim 4rm People

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CanyBites Report | 07/03/2012 2:04 pm
OMG, my old gaia account I miss it so much sad
Multicolored Distress Report | 06/20/2007 12:19 am
Multicolored Distress
damn u got hacked that sucks bad well who ever did it will be sorry
AngryNapkin Report | 06/15/2007 3:27 pm
using that avi im suprised your not banned yet =] well have to fix this wont we! User Image
lok vah koor Report | 06/10/2007 12:25 pm
lok vah koor
you look like a hacker O.o
K Prime Report | 06/09/2007 1:12 am
K Prime
Anyone know what happened here?????
Multicolored Distress Report | 06/07/2007 2:24 pm
Multicolored Distress
i kno me nether nad yay ur done and when can i come over
K Prime Report | 06/07/2007 2:21 pm
K Prime
What happened to your avi? @_@
waterpiska Report | 06/05/2007 6:04 pm
Hi Yas QIqi I lik Ur pge So now I comment Byeas
pop_there_it_goes_again04 Report | 06/05/2007 5:13 pm
YAY!!!!! smile
Multicolored Distress Report | 06/05/2007 3:43 pm
Multicolored Distress
wow pretty shiny things ohhhh i didnt gget ur call last nite but i got a mesg lol