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Name : icyMOTHA (aka Angel)
Age : 27
Birthday : June 17th 1986
Favourite colour(s) : pink, mint, black
Favourite food : Mozza sticks, caesar salad, puffios.
Favourite book : Wolfheart by Richard A Knaak
Favourite game : World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Origins, Diablo II + III, Skyrim, Final Fantasy IX/X
Favourite shows : Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Futurama, My Little Pony
Favourite bands/singers : Oasis, Silverchair, Joydrop, Natalie Imbruglia, The Eagles
Current addiction : Cosplay, World of Warcraft
Fun Facts :
-- icyMOTHA is Canadian.
-- LadyDelaidra is my twin sister irl.
-- icy graduated college for Hospitality and Tourism.
-- icy is a HUGE Blizzard Games fangirl.
-- icy is a traitorous turncoat and has joined the ALLIANCE.
-- the first letter in icy's name is supposed to be not capitalized.
-- icyMOTHA was the name of icy's blizzard sorceress on Diablo II.
-- icy beat KH2 in 3 days.
-- icy's favourite holiday is HALLOWEEN!


icyMOTHA's holiday collection!

Too lazy for a header. xD;

I'm putting all the stuff I get for the holidays on display here. :'D



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De La Ratchet

Report | 10/12/2014 1:22 pm

De La Ratchet

thanks for purchasing heart

Report | 09/20/2014 7:33 pm


Hohoho~ I'm never the only one decking out in the Halloween avis 2 months prior am I? XD
Philharmonic Helix

Report | 03/16/2014 6:58 pm

Philharmonic Helix

Thank you for buying!
Countess Kinoko

Report | 02/10/2014 12:23 pm

Countess Kinoko

I love your outfit! >= D

Report | 02/10/2014 11:38 am


I miss you so much in my life...

Report | 01/29/2014 9:25 pm


Thank's for the art tip!
IDS Wheatley

Report | 01/28/2014 2:37 pm

IDS Wheatley

Why are parts of your profile and your avatar blocked with ( ! )?
Jayce Reinhardt

Report | 01/20/2014 11:15 am

Jayce Reinhardt

Alistar is a hottie. 3nodding
Seamless Dreaming

Report | 12/12/2013 7:06 pm

Seamless Dreaming

Thank you for purchasing!! ~ heart

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Capt Richard Yuhi

Report | 12/08/2013 10:13 am

Capt Richard Yuhi

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Special Delivery from Ottawa.


I love free art. Feel free to draw meeeee~ ; u;
What is this pricing omg