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Hey, I'm Icy Rundas. Call me Rundas.

My other accounts are called Typhlosion Explosion
and Nyotalia Canada.

I'm a college kid, and for the moment, an education major.

I draw a bit, I write fanfiction, I read, and I love to cook (and to eat ID).

I like YuGiOh!, YuGiOh! GX, Hetalia, the TMNT 2003 series, Xiaolin Showdown, Ouran High School Host Club, Pokemon, Bleach, Zelda, Harvest Moon (ToT and AP) Fire Emblem, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Bioshock, Digimon Frontier, Code Lyoko, Super Smash Bros., and Thief.

In music terms, I'm fond of Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, 12 Stones, Linkin Park, Fireflight, Evanescence, Skillet, and Daughtry.

I crossplay as Jim Cook from YGO:GX and I rp as fem!Canada from Hetalia (as well as several other Hetalia/Nyotalia/etc. characters)~


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Temari-chaan Report | 07/27/2014 2:37 pm
Happy birthday Rundas! smile
Takahashi Haru Report | 07/27/2014 6:08 am
Takahashi Haru
Happy birthday~
Zapusk Report | 06/01/2014 8:35 am
*huggles chur pretty face*
Zapusk Report | 05/31/2014 11:43 pm
heart heart heart heart heart heart
> u <
Stravvberry-chan Report | 02/17/2014 9:59 am
Saw your status~ I just wanted to say thank you! c:

I'm just happy since I did so well really!
Stravvberry-chan Report | 01/31/2014 5:35 pm
Oh geez! That must have been pretty difficult then.
Is that anything like taking CP (College Prep) courses?
I took a CP English class my Senior year.....and I didn't like it too much since my English teacher was judgmental.
Long story short, I was an unpopular kid stuck with the class president, class vice president, the cheerleader captains and the head of the basketball team.
Then there was me, vice president of the art club. Art was NOT favored in my school and VERY frowned upon so yeahhhhhhhhhhh she never liked me for that. . v .;;;
Teachers need to teach WITHOUT those damn biases.....but I digress.

You were lucky that the course counted for both!
Heck, I took communications in high school, which is like Public Speaking and.....yeah I passed, but I really disliked it.

The prof I have for my class now is one that I had a few semesters ago, so she knows me.
It's always nice to have a prof that knows you AND likes you in a class. That always helps.
On the other hand, if one had a teacher they knew and the teacher hated them.....things would be bad.

From what I understand from what I was informed by my mother and other officials that have taught in colleges, professors CAN and WILL give you failing grades if they do not like you.
Personally, I think that's completely unfair and wrong to do. Hopefully it can change so that if a prof is caught doing that, they'll lose their job!

Oh that reminds me that I passed communications with an A - I believe.
I'm doing pretty well in Public Speaking, so I may be ok......hopefully. sweatdrop
Stravvberry-chan Report | 01/31/2014 3:50 pm
Saw your status~
I was really surprised really! I thought I got a C or lower honestly!
I have to take Public Speaking since it's in my major and all, but the only reason why I took it now was because my friend was in the same class.
Looking back on it, I'm glad I did since I probably would have been worse off if I didn't. > ^ <;;;

Yeah, I really hate things like giving speeches and stuff, but I'm still surprised and happy at the same time that I got that A!
Captain Vynexus Report | 01/05/2014 3:04 pm
Captain Vynexus
Thank you for your purchase! <3
Mr Donkeyhead Report | 01/04/2014 4:28 pm
Mr Donkeyhead
Oh I know, I know it all too well. Ice has been cold ever since I can remember.
Mr Donkeyhead Report | 01/04/2014 8:56 am
Mr Donkeyhead
Sure is cold in here.


The queen of cold.
One part of the Terminally Damaged Trio.
Fear us and our eternal damnation.


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I am Rundas, the queen of all things cold.

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