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yum_puddi Jenni yum_puddi
An elf in human skin and a wolf in sheep's clothing gaia_angelleft gaia_nitemareright
I'm an adult gaia_gaiagold
Put on this earth on 08/12

I'm a Lady, that's why. gaia_star
Live in the state of VA in the USA cat_mrgreen
I'm actually Puerto Rican and super freaking tan. Soooo. Yeah. Lol.

Music is love, music is life. emotion_bigheart cat_whee
Mater Chef in the room! Lol Jk but I'm a certified chef c;
Unemployed ( not by choice but life happens.) Still hopeful though c: (... ;~; )

Pokemon, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Fire Emblem Fates, Fallout & Skyrim~
I'm not a huge anime fan, but I do love watching anime from time to time! Feel free to suggest any to me c:
emotion_donotwant Single, Pansexual, and totally not looking so... Please don't ask. emotion_donotwant cat_confused

wahmbulance Ask for Snapchat and Kik wahmbulance

I express how I feel and I don't sugarcoat my emotions.
If that hurts you then...
I'll guide you to the door~

Any more questions please feel free to PM me cat_3nodding Just keep in mind that I can be a little antisocial and silent at first, so don't think I don't want to talk, just how I am. But I promise I'm super super sweet and super fun I swear cat_3nodding cat_3nodding
Have a lovely day~ cat_smile

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Avi art I bought over time (Credit to each artist!)

Best Friendo <3