Carol of the Bells

Hello loves x

My account, which was previously NaturallyCrazyy, is now iCoughee.
I feel like I can relate to that name more.
Not that I cough, but that I like to play with words and the usernames Coffee, iCoffee and Coughee were, unsurprisingly, taken.

So anyway, I don't really use much of either accounts (this or my mule) anymore.

Although if you do wish to contact me, feel free to do so on my Kik: Itsjayyx
Also, you can follow me on my Instagram @Jackstrette
As well as on Twitter @Jackstrette
And Tumblr of course Jacksterette ;
there are even more blogs of mine to go to from there, check bio.
And if you're a curious cat, you may ask me anything you'd like on my Ask page

I think that's all for now.

Ciao x