" Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos que el amor nos salve de la vida"

"If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life". - Neruda


Internets people,

I have been in gaia since 2005, I have 'quit', been on hiatus, been addicted, been here everyday and dawn, and im here to stay at the moment.

Para Los que entiendan u;<
acabo de renovar mi cuenta/perfil, ya que me encanta esta sencillez



Vegetarian- vegetariana

From Mexico

Student in College

Bookworm - "ratón de biblioteca" me encanta leer

(Dostoevsky, Proust, Austen, Foster Wallace, Junot Diaz, George Eliot, Neruda J.R.R Tolkien etc)

Anime fan, not quite otaku - porsupuesto que veo Anime, pero no me considero una otaku

(song is from the series Aku no hana, -

Among my favorites- Mis animes Favoritos:
Madoka, Cowboy Bebop, nana, FMA, Evangelion,Ghost in the shell,Spice and wolf, Angel beats etc )

Chocolate Afficionado- Afficionada al chocolate

(you bring it I eat it, > dark choco) 8D

Rock / Alt genre- Prefiero escuchar el Rock

(Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Black sabbath, Pearl Jam, Mana, Enanitos Verdes, cafe Tacvba ,Zoe, Caifanes)

Tea drinker- Y me facina el te

(sip sip)

Open minded skeptic ....



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ale202's Journal

wel today i have lots of homework uggh i hate science it's so boring at times XD



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Report | 04/11/2014 9:25 am


Que bonita se ve tu avi whee

Casi no te conectas chibita, como estas? biggrin
Roland de Gilead

Report | 04/10/2014 1:14 pm

Roland de Gilead

waaa me enamore de tu avy me encanta
-me robo tu avy- buahahahahahahhaa

Report | 04/10/2014 9:11 am


amg amg amg siiiii~ yum_puddi ;w ; ish ok~ you'r e not alone for tardiness~
emotion_kirakira sowwy for the late reply~ I am sick too x'D got stomach flu Tw T.
emotion_dowant I'm from PuertoRico yet I moved to the US. yum_strawberrypie
My dad is Mexican and my mom is Puertorican ~ yum_tea
:'D y si hablo espa~nol tambien~ que tal chica~ =w =/ yo~Sempai~ Unnie~ <3

* w* btw , you have a wonderful avi >w< hfasdklfjhdsjlkfh <333

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Claes Coinpaan

Report | 04/09/2014 1:20 am

Claes Coinpaan

that cowboy bebop vid :3
Anxiously Odd

Report | 04/07/2014 12:19 am

Anxiously Odd

Omg that was amazing to read holy s**t

Maybe. I'm probably gonna be asleep for hours
It's 4 AM now lmao
Tigure Hime

Report | 04/06/2014 2:52 pm

Tigure Hime

* takkle nuzzle*
~ kiss nose~ ^ 3 ^
* snuzle wuzzleage*
l-Honey Senpai-l

Report | 04/05/2014 6:43 pm

l-Honey Senpai-l

kk send me a trade for 2mil
gimmie a background image that u want for ur profile
and if u want music ill add that into your profile as well

Report | 04/05/2014 9:16 am


sure, id love that biggrin
IAndrea PaolaI

Report | 04/04/2014 10:11 pm

IAndrea PaolaI

Yes biggrin I did. I cosplayed twice as Lust from FMA. once as the healing fairy from LoZ. and I cosplayed as Fem!Virus!Cry last summer. :3 I had pictures up on my profile till a little bit ago. :3

Report | 04/04/2014 9:46 pm


emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira BOOP~
drop by~
;w ; just wanna say hi~ and saw your about me >w<
; O; you're from Mexico?? <333 sweeet~ >w< *hugs* <33 WOOOOO~ *DANCE*
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