My Name is Ice
Most people who love me Call me Icey
I've been engaged to CrystalRoseFox-Wolf Since December 24th 2013
~ Kinder Senpai
is my Senpai/Best Friend/ Pen Pal
Lyfe would be very bleak without her smilies/icon_crying.gif
~iLove Penguins

~Blue & Black are my favorite colors
~Listen Carefully to my playlist it Tells a story about me
~Call me Crazy *At this point it's totally an accurate compliment*
~To whom it may Concern iAm a Vampire
Rawr alot
~Yes, iChoose to type this way but I am fully capable of typing normally because I am not a ******** retard
~Approach me incorrectly and prepare to be blocked and ignored
~Stalk me and iWill dew my best to help you find your lyfe because you obviously don't have one
~Random Friend Request scare me but are usually Accepted
~iLive in Chicago
~Race,Gender, Religion blah blah blah is unimportant to me.
People are people iWill treat them as they treat me
~iCan be impulsive when it comes to helping people.
If you need help and iCan provide it I'm willing to go above and beyond but be ungrateful or get stupid about it and it will never happen again.

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♥ Now iLay me down to sleep
Late at night iDream so deep
iAm afraid to meet my fate
The Devil keeping me awake

So iLay me down to sleep
and pray the Lord my soul to keep
for if iDie before iWake
iKnow my soul he may not take ♥
~by IcetheRockstar 5/28/14

My Best Friend ♥

is Currently offline
Mourning the loss of her beloved Batman
"Pray for me please iNeed your strength"