Hi, I'm Candiee, nice to meet you. (: Please call me that.
Anyways, I'm a girl, I'm Asian, FTW!
My birthday is December 21st, you know what that means right? -nudge- -nudge- -wink- -wink- ;D Haha, kidding
I'm actually a really nice person and easy to talk to, but if you drive me to the point, I will be really mean, like no kidding, but it's not that easy to get me mad (:
I profile hop a lot, and love commenting people! Which means I love making friends, so don't be afraid to talk to me (: However, I DO NOT accept random friends request, let's talk and get to know each other! :D
Anyways, I think you should leave me a comment, since you're already here, why not? :P
Btw, I made this profile, please don't steal the codes, it's hard to see some things, it depends what kind of computer you have, I have a mac, so it's clear for me, but for all the windows it's kinda hard to see >___<;;



Stuff you probably don't care about :)


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Hello from an old gaian friend ~

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Hey there long time no chat i hope to hear from you soon and i was wondering have you made enough to get your anglic staff?

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Very lovely avi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Cool avi

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Hey, I have been busy. I still live in south Florida. I just finished my 3rd year university in August so quickly. I may relax and split my 4th year into two like Happy Potter. lol =D Anyways, what's up?
John Egburp

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John Egburp

I really like your profile. I remember I used to be on gaia all of the time as Sexy Lamps/GerardisMine a really long time ago, I doubt you remember. But I'm glad to see you're still making profiles.
Yuli Saikari

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Yuli Saikari

xAx;; utter late reply once again..

Haha yeah, i think its better than gaia, but
in some ways its not. Like they don't have RP game like Gaia's ZOMG.
If they EVER come out with one, then.. =v=d I'D LOVE THAT SITE
TO DEATH. But even now, without an rp game i still like it. Just tends
to get boring sometimes. Only thing that keeps me on that site, is the
friends and the group that i'm the admin of. ;o

OMFG i can't believe this, so this whole time the Uni i wanna go to
is actually for undergraduates!!! I can't believe i never checked to make sure!!
:3 oh well, that means i won't have to take 8 yrs, i'll transfer straight to there
and it'll just be 4yrs of college. >0< woot!

Haha yeahh :3
pft idk, reincarnation would be cool though =3= then again i rather live
in my dreams.. that'd be heaven for me. LOLOL

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LOL!! yeah ive seen that, lol my dog is like that xD
haha, their personalities are pretty different but they sound so sweet whee
dogs are always a handful x3 but they make the best of friends

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Wait, if you don't mind me asking what grade are you in?

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awww >w< you must be really attached to them, how many dogs do you have??
yes, i have a minature schnauzer =]... but even though my dad bought him for me he's more attached to my dad and my aunt lol
he's a little stuck up dog >o<


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