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The Life of Madame Ibuki

It's The End And I'm Not Afraid To Die. !!

Name: Hoshi Scarlet Kokoro-Ibuki
(You may also call me Mushy SnuggleBites~)

DOB: 3/19
Age: 21
Taken. ( 7 - 10 - 13 by and happily engaged as of 1 - 1 - 15~ <3)
Mother to my beautiful baby girl, Ari!(irl)
Vamp-Neko Demon.

Games I Like: Borderlands, Sonic, Minecraft, Project Diva, Left 4 Dead
Anime I Like: Clannad, Madoka Magica, Black Butler, FLCL
Current Obsessions: The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Little Busters

Father: Wulf Erikson

Mother: - - - -

Sisters?: xXx-Elfy-xXx, Colorful Angels 1, x ms_iggy x, & xKiseki-chanx

Brothers?: Fae Yui

Children: iLonelyPanda & Samuel J Rodrigues


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There's always a sale at:
Hoshi\'s Market

In The End


Diary of Her

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Heart Song

This is the voice of every thought that I'm sure no one will pay much attention to.

Y U l - C H l
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That One Stoner
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