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The Life of Madame Ibuki

It's The End And I'm Not Afraid To Die. !!

Name: Hoshi Scarlet Kokoro-Ibuki
(You may also call me Mushy SnuggleBites~)

DOB: 3/19
Age: 21
Taken. ( 7 - 10 - 13 by Tristan Lee Watkins ~ <3)
Mother to my beautiful baby girl, Ari~!(irl)
Vamp-Neko Demon.

Games I Like: Borderlands, Sonic, Minecraft, Project Diva, Left 4 Dead
Anime I Like: Clannad, Madoka Magica, Black Butler, FLCL
Current Obsessions: The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Little Busters

Father: Wulf Erikson

Mother: - - - -

Sisters?: xXx-Elfy-xXx, Colorful Angels 1, x ms_iggy x, & xKiseki-chanx

Brothers?: Fae Yui

Children: iLonelyPanda & Samuel J Rodrigues


-The Real Hoshi
-Hoshi on Facebook

There's always a sale at:
Hoshi\'s Market

In The End


Diary of Her

View Journal

Heart Song

This is the voice of every thought that I'm sure no one will pay much attention to.

Fae Yui
Elfy Ariake
That One Stoner
Wulf Erikson
x ms_iggy x
Samuel J Rodrigues