Let's get one thing straight, I am the Monster King.

''My name is Lazarus. I am the slate dragon of the northern hills, the malevolent ruler over the stolen kingdom of v'aar. My collection of gold is vast and ever growing, with each greedy human, elf, or dwarf that enters my lair spoiling me with more riches than I will ever know what to do with. I have slept for many years, and have lived for ever so many more than that. I was woken by a strange sound, and a smell very uncommon to me, one of a moon elf who dared wander too far from his home. The elf managed a conversation with me, much to my surprise, the being was not a complete imbecile as many i had previously met. This.. This tiny, creature managed to warm my heart in the slightest, so now the being resides with me, underground where I may see to it he never leaves my side. "

I suppose I am friendly, though I may be hard to hold a conversation with. I have been told I am even unapproachable at times. I do make judgements rather quickly on whether or not I will like someone or not. And once I have made my assumption, it is rather hard to change my opinion, though, not impossible. I have very many friends to whom which I hold dear, too many in fact to name. Though, I assume that you all know who you are by now. I hold my opinions highly in my thought, and I have very strong opinions about many things, to which I am not afraid to voice. I do not feel bad if my opinions are not the same as your own, and if you get offended, this is not my problem, sorry.

If you have read all of this and still want to try and contact me, or befriend me or what have you. You can click the link above this message to leave me a comment or a private message. It is up to you. Approach at your own risk.

Gaurd-dog of the Elf prince, for life.