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Birthday: 02/23


There are things in this world that will never change, my heart
being one of them. I will always love those dear to me above all
else and I'll never love them any less than what I do now. There are
people in this world that don't realize that. People that think that
all of this is just a game for them to play. People who worked hard,
but didn't work as hard as I did, that assume that I didn't work
hard enough. People that say I'm worthless, people that say no matter
what happens I'll never amount to anything. It is these people that
I feel sorry for, not because I have become something, but because it
takes a weak heart and weak mind to say that about someone else. It is
people like this that lost their way and need help from people like
me, but would they accept my help? After all the hate they have spouted
toward me, would they appreciate me the same as they used to?

Their names echo in my head. Some names are more vivid sounding than
the rest. I try to sort them out sometimes, but even without all
the other names there is still one that echoes strong. No matter how
many times I get rid of it, it comes back. I believe it is because the
nature of the person that the name belongs to, and the fact that
their heart is strong, but they've built distrust and no longer believe
it. It is this person that I've chosen to fight for, even if they
don't acknowledge me as someone who deserves the right to live. I will
fight for them, and I have someone at my side who is willing to
fight with me. Someone who will support me through all my efforts, even
if they're for other people. I don't fight for myself, I fight for
the people I love.

No matter how far you've come,
is it far enough?
No matter how far you go,
is it far enough?

With a beat of the heart,
and a bat of the eyelash,
will your mind set you free?
Will you find your peace?

Love isn't blind,
it's a miracle of life.
It helps us see,
when the world blankets us in shadow.

Life is meant to have ups and downs,
but when it gives us downs, who
will be there to help you back up?
-stands tall, his voice reassuring-
I will, because I care.