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Chinese American, born and raised in NYC. I'm interested in medical careers, but the future remains uncertain for me.
I love animes, mangas, and k-dramas. FMA Brotherhood is my favorite, and It's Okay, That's Love is my fav. drama.
I love you Chii :3.
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I-Exa-I Report | 02/26/2015 5:07 pm
I like the legs! Thank you <3 I can get rid of some of my old items now smile
I-Exa-I Report | 02/22/2015 6:57 pm
Hey~ I'm bored, Rewatched You're all surrounded but it really is not the same watching it the second time :/ What to do now.
Melyse Report | 12/18/2014 1:27 am
Yea, same Angeline .__.
you dont play mmorpgs?
Melyse Report | 12/16/2014 9:38 pm
Cute profile :3
I-Exa-I Report | 11/19/2014 4:14 pm
exactly, i dont wanna go if i have to sit all the way up in the front. Had to do that once, my neck was cramping up the whole time lol. Its gonna be cold the whole week, and its not even winter yet :/
I-Exa-I Report | 11/19/2014 3:23 pm
yas, tonari<3 does it come out on friday? If it does it will be so crowded.
I-Exa-I Report | 11/01/2014 3:44 pm
plain cheese pizza
I-Exa-I Report | 11/01/2014 5:08 am
Did i fix it yet? I got nothing to bribe you with except for pizza
I-Exa-I Report | 10/29/2014 2:39 pm
Ohh, so you have to dress up huh, your're just gonna do the cat thing? and yass, i want it, but not enough g cash :/
I-Exa-I Report | 10/29/2014 1:54 pm
Like the regular stuff chipotle sells.