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Report | 02/16/2013 7:17 am

Miss Mina Monet

hey hey gurl how have you been? It's been fo'evaa <3
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Report | 02/15/2013 8:13 pm


That makes me angry. Really, it does. Because I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it to learn how to help people. And the fact that I have to be subject to all these classes on ethics and prejudice and then be told that I'm not SMART enough to be a nurse (which is essentially what they're doing)... it's crap. And a waste of my time. And their time. I'd been struggling to get though this program for 5 years! They kept kicking me in the gut for one reason or another... it was just sadistic. So I'm gonna find a new place... maybe med school (Doctor of Osteopathy is what I really want). After I take care of myself, and get my priorities straight and such...

=hug= Hope you can stick around a little more, I missed you <3 -w-
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Report | 02/15/2013 5:51 pm


Uh oh, an audit, hope you'll pull through! Pretty scary stuff.

As for me, I've been pretty focused on work too, when I'm not on Gaia or being with friends. I'm pretty happy in my rhythm~
No pregnancies or engagements or things like that for me yet, that's still in the future for me and for the moment I'm fine with that. 3nodding

And you are definitely as cute, if not cuter, than a button. xd
You look so shocked though... xp
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Report | 02/15/2013 4:09 pm



I've been good! Gosh, it's been forever... whee
I'm just happy to see you here again. <3

I know you've certainly been very busy, hehe.
I dunno if I've congratulated you yet on your engagement (or if that turned into a marriage, even), but congratulations on that!
Hope you're happy and healthy and still cute as button~
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Report | 02/15/2013 3:57 pm


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Report | 02/15/2013 3:52 pm


It's resolved in the sense that I'm not pursuing legal action against them for discrimination, or the like. I'm just leaving. They're idiots, who tweak the rules so people are tripped up and get knocked out of the program (and are too lazy to change test questions, so they instead shred previous tests so that people 'can't cheat'-- which means that there's no evidence of their ********, and that the students don't get to see what they've done wrong on exams). It's ridiculous, especially because the only reason I want to go there is to learn how to be a nurse and take care of people...

Anyway. I'm done with them. If I need credits or to raise my GPA I'll go back to the school for non-nursing stuff. But the nursing program is a PoS.
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Report | 02/15/2013 3:42 pm


I have to leave my current nursing program because the polices are BS. I had a bit of a disaster at the very end of last semester. And the stupid admin didn't approve my appeal. So I'm leaving that school, and hopefully just moving on to grad school.
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Report | 02/15/2013 3:15 pm


Oy, I've been up and down. School is evil and so I'm taking a break to take care of myself. I'm probably going to have to go through the whole annoying process of taking the GRE's and getting into grad school for one science or another. I'm planning a bit of a hiatus coming in the next few weeks for that purpose.

It's so great to hear that you're doing well! Congratulations on your engagement!! And everything else <33
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Report | 02/15/2013 2:51 pm


Ia!! Of course! >w < How have you been? /snugglehuggle
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Report | 01/08/2013 10:05 am


I love your avi. c:
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Report | 01/05/2013 8:40 am


Veno misses Ia >w>
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Report | 01/04/2013 2:52 pm

II Night Skye II

Happy Birthday!! ♥
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Report | 01/04/2013 2:22 pm

Flawless Melodies

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Report | 01/04/2013 9:03 am


Happy birthday, Ia <3
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Report | 01/04/2013 7:59 am

Sage Winters

Happy Birthday! :3 heart
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Report | 01/04/2013 4:46 am


Happy birthday heart
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Report | 01/04/2013 12:58 am


Happy Birthday?
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Report | 01/03/2013 7:55 pm

Cookie on Fire

emotion_hug I hope you are doing great. ^.^
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Report | 12/21/2012 6:48 pm

Alucard highwind

iabiel! -hug-
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Report | 12/20/2012 10:17 pm


*twirls*~~ biggrin emotion_bigheart
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