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Report | 06/03/2013 5:46 pm


User Image
He just might, but Grayson was feeling camera shy.
also photos from phones are not great.
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Report | 06/02/2013 11:15 pm


Hey! biggrin
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Report | 06/02/2013 5:52 pm

Mathew Mii

You know you can't resist the great Waluigi.
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Report | 06/02/2013 2:24 pm

Strobelight Seduction

Thank you! I like yours too!
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Report | 06/02/2013 11:12 am

Mathew Mii

Waluigi number WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!
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Report | 06/01/2013 3:42 pm


lol! Mine drinks out of the toilet so she's really fascinated with how it flushes. I tried to teach her to flush it herself but she does not like the power.
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Report | 06/01/2013 3:23 pm


Cats are rude. emo
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Report | 06/01/2013 12:45 pm


But then you got rid of all the cats at once! gonk
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Report | 06/01/2013 12:32 pm


I think your avatar needs more cats.
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Report | 05/29/2013 8:10 pm

Sage Winters

Not at all. xd
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Report | 05/29/2013 7:22 am

Sage Winters

I just remembered an item that is super adorable.
I'm not sure if you were on or not when it was released but here: Kandi Kitten.
It's a super cute, lightly retro feeling item.
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Report | 05/25/2013 1:25 am


I'm so sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to give you something proper.
... Thus, my reply comment will be formally sent over sometime after this weekend because asjdlgiajsdligsdjlgas busy busy busy.
I hope you're well though! C:
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Report | 05/23/2013 4:32 am

Pocket Mage

zomg gaia has not really changed.
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Report | 05/22/2013 8:26 pm

Crowned Jewels

Thanks for buying.
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Report | 05/22/2013 6:48 pm


Jeez... I'm definitely not looking forward to when I inevitably have to do that.
Might I ask what you plan on getting your Master's in?

W-what do you do for work?! Be careful with your face. Go rest up! ; A;
I'm alright, thanks for asking. A bit stressed because I procrastinated and plans went awry, so I basically have to whip a cosplay out of my butt in 24 hours. Whoops.;;
There are certainly worse things though, haha.
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Report | 05/22/2013 6:36 pm


Ah! It's you! Again!
Posting under me!!

So how are you doing? C:
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Report | 05/18/2013 6:48 pm

Sage Winters

That I didn't mind all too much till the Pale Marionette started dropping like crazy.
I was pissed when I saw that.
I don't mind when they make recolors but when they make them easy to obtain I seriously hate how crazy people go over it and then those of us that spent our hard earned gold end up screwed.
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Report | 05/18/2013 6:34 pm

Sage Winters

It's getting there. They keep re-releasing items and it's starting to piss those of us off that I have the originals. >.>
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Report | 05/18/2013 6:20 pm

Sage Winters

She isn't wearing a hat. emotion_jawdrop
As for the RIGS, they are known as that I just totally forgot. xD
Gaia will never do away with them because they make too much money off of them every four weeks.
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Report | 05/18/2013 2:03 pm

Sage Winters

I am too. O:
I thought they would have done away with that by now and just started doing twice as many RIGS a month.
Apparently their current system brings in more than enough money.
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