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Report | 07/06/2014 4:53 am


Hey there! I accidentally gifted you the Queen's Vengeance. Do you mind sending it back to me if you come back on?
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Report | 06/30/2014 8:16 pm


cool avi
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Report | 06/02/2014 7:37 pm

Kiwi Popsicle

your avi is awesome!!
The Giggles's avatar

Report | 05/28/2014 11:02 am

The Giggles

Beautiful profile music you have there.
It reminds me of this kid's show called Little Bear 3nodding
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Report | 05/19/2014 2:10 pm


Hii biggrin Doubt you remember me but I hope you're doing well!
I got hacked and I'm trying to buy my stuff back now LOL, I think I'm going to start playing again when school is out x__x
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Report | 04/05/2014 8:09 pm

Rain Pebble

Hope things are going well with you heart
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Report | 03/26/2014 10:30 pm


*Cue the Jaw's Theme* Lurk, lurk, lurk...
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Report | 03/13/2014 5:50 am

cake corpse

I miss you and our old days in Dot's shop. Hope you're doing well. heart
Sage Winters's avatar

Report | 01/11/2014 1:06 am

Sage Winters

Happy 'Gaia Says It's Your Birthday' Day. heart
GLJordan's avatar

Report | 01/04/2014 11:51 pm


belated happy birthday
Copic-Kun's avatar

Report | 01/04/2014 12:00 pm


Happy Birthday, I hope things are going well for you yum_strawberry
cordially's avatar

Report | 01/02/2014 1:23 pm


hey, i don't know if you still remember me, but i logged in gaia after a while
how have you been
Luna Valv's avatar

Report | 11/12/2013 2:29 pm

Luna Valv

Your profile is so cool! x3
Annikou's avatar

Report | 11/02/2013 8:26 pm


You have a very cool avatar and profile ~ ^o^
VampireDraculina's avatar

Report | 08/28/2013 2:48 am


TT 3TT heart

P.S. Your profile is GORGEOUS, love! gonk heart
JExcaliber's avatar

Report | 07/18/2013 4:56 pm


Oh my God!? Look at that profile.
octopotamus's avatar

Report | 06/28/2013 5:00 pm


            Your avatar is super cool. I love it!

            I know that feeling. I have a love/hate relationship with Gaia. Right now It's on the love side. I shall look you up. Thank you for the link.

            Nope. Only the power lines were the only things damaged. It took three days but we got power back. I missed sleeping in my bed. I stayed at a cheap motel for those nights. Grayson was okay. Nothing seems to faze him.

            You take Grayson back and forth with you? o: That's cool. If I tried to do that with Dusty, he would try to sneak out and stuff And I know my other two would go into shock and then hate life for a while, lol...
            I try to take Grayson to the parents place if I'm gonna be there for more than three days. The other cats seem to remember him and he's all whatever. It's the only time he gets to be outside. I am not the kind of person that is going to buy a cat leash and take my cats for walks. It looks a little silly to me.

            Yeah. Grayson loves his bugs. Milo and Ripley tend to play with it and then usually who ever has it last, eats it. But you can always tell when they have a bug. You hear their little feet tapping away. Ripley does a clicking noise when she hunts and milo just cries all the time. I don't see how he can catch anything if he's crying.

            I only feed Grayson a half a can of wet food at night for dinner. The rest of the time it is dry food. I must stay strong when he stars crying for more wet food. But he knows when it is dinner time, and if I don't feed him by then, he gets all up in my business. Can't do anything if I'm sitting down cause his butt will be in my face. So rude!

            That could be it.

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Report | 06/28/2013 3:33 pm


I will be working at a women's center. Substance abuse and stuff like that.
I have an interview for another job for a Community Support Individual; that's on the 8th. I am really hoping to get that job biggrin

How have you been?
The Incorrigible Thalimon's avatar

Report | 06/27/2013 4:16 pm

The Incorrigible Thalimon

Air frame and Power plant. Or an A&P license. so, yeah... There's money I don't have
The Incorrigible Thalimon's avatar

Report | 06/18/2013 5:52 pm

The Incorrigible Thalimon

Got out of the military, they don't provide me with the right licence to work at an airport, and with my skill set, no one else seems to want to take a chance.

Thank you, but it was today at 1:45 my time, so it passed, and now to wait for an email. *sigh*
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