Call me Duckie. It's not my real name, but hell, it'd be pretty sweet if it was, huh?
I'm a high school drop out, and, ironically, had four college classes before I left. I am finally 18 years old. Thank god. I enjoy buying my own cigarettes and rolling papers.
I don't expect anything from anyone because I dislike setting myself up for disappointment.
A lot of my good friends have gaia... but they NEVER use them. So don't ******** add them. It's a pointless add.
I don't normally think ahead of time. I live for the now. I do things on a whim all the time (cutting my hair, destroying clothing, and so on).
I don't place myself into a clique or category. I won't classify you either. Understand, though, that you can call me whatever the ******** you want. I don't care.
I swear a lot. Get the ******** over it(:
I could probably be considered a stoner... I don't really know. All I know is I like bud... There's a little more to me than meets the eye...
Learn to use proper grammar before talking to me. I hate when people seem to think that they can use letters and numbers in the place of a word. I understand some people are bad at spelling... but everyone who can use a computer can also spell "you." Just sayin'...
I have a boyfriend, soon to be fiance(:
I dislike conformity, but find myself completely frustrated when the topic is thought of. It's a paradox: No matter which direction I go with it, I find myself giving into comformity. It's human nature.
Which brings me to my next topic:
You aren't unique. You aren't different. Wearing skinny jeans and converse does not give you a personal style. Putting on a Hollister shirt does not make you different. Shopping at HotTopic does not give you the right to think you're cool. Believing something or liking a band does not make you all that unique. Point being: We are all the same as someone else, whether we like it or not. Don't try to talk to me if you seem to think otherwise...
For all those opposed to this belief, please read Mark Twain's "Corn Pone Opinions" It's a wonderful piece with great use of rhetoric. It really interested me in the idea of subcincious conformity.
I find myself ranting a lot. It's part of my personality. I think I'm always right (but don't we all?)
I love art. I draw all the time. I'm not a big anime or landscape person. I would think my favorite material to use is a simple Ebony pencil and drawing paper. Canvas and paint would probably rank second.
I also love music. I listen to everything but country and a lot of rap. Yes, I listen to classical. I also play four instruments: Euphonium, guitar, tuba, and trombone. Just because I don't like a certain artist or band doesn't mean that I don't respect their talents. I just don't prefer the music that they make.
There's so much to say... mostly because I'm a teenager and we all love to talk about ourselves because we're self-centered assholes. However, I think I'm going to wrap this up.
Bye douchebags!

Some Dream Avatars That I Really Like That You Should Be Awesome & Donate Towards:
[]<-- Wanted
[x]<-- Questing
[X]<-- Bought
[!]<-- Donated
[xx]<-- Have the money, just don't own it.

Total Value: 1,932,880 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
[xx] Porcelina Pink Lacy Gloves
[xx] Porcelina Pink Prim Booties
[xx] Pinstripe Saloon Girl Stockings
[x] Court of the Elf Queen
[x] Cupcake Confection
[xx] Pink Security Blanket
[] Embarrassed Dream
[xx] Porcelina Soft Pink Beret
[xx] Secret Sparkles

Total Value: 19,704,220 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
[] The Lusty Scoundrel
[xx] Heart Eye Patch
[xx] Black Juggling Ball
[xx] Black Juggling Ball
[xx] Black Juggling Ball
[xx] Black Juggling Ball
[xx] Plague Noir
[] Pale Marionette
[xx] Black Heartstring
[] Hidden Ace 9th Gen.
[X]Black Fishnet Stockings
[xx] Pebbled Heart
[x] The Nightmare 9th Gen.
[] SDPlus #054 Katsumi
[x] Fall of the Morning Star
[xx] Blood Red Rose Cluster Hairpiece
[xx] Kokeshi Kimono

Total Value: 1,914,599 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
[xx] Sasha\'s Blue Bikini Top
[x] Siren Song
[xx] Lunar Sash
[xx] Montauciel Circus
[x] The Magician
[xx] Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans
[] Cloud
[] The Lusty Scoundrel

Total Value: 10,494,330 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
[] Kanoko\'s Dark Reflection
[] Bellissimo Pianoforte
[] Compass of Seidh 3rd Gen
[xx] Bright Silver DASH Pants
[x] The Gravedigger
[xx] The Widow
[] Monochrome Keido
[xx] Masterpieces
[] Compass of Seidh 3rd Gen

Total Value: 492,599 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
[xx] Grim Reaper
[xx] Grace of Aphrodite
[x] Fall Bride
[xx] Grave Danger Spectral Shroud
[xx] Uncanny Form

Total Value: 494,168 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
[X] Oculus Mythica
[x] Enchanted Book 7th Gen.
[xx] Black Top Hat
[xx] Ninja Sword
[xx] Grace of Aphrodite
[xx] Black Victorian Boots
[xx] Black Spider Choker
[xx] Gothic Veil
[X] Black Fishnet Stockings
[xx] Wine Gothic Bat Corset Dress


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Report | 04/27/2014 6:03 am


Happy birthday, Duckie!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday, Duckie!

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hi ducky smile lol smile
Dainty Treasures

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Dainty Treasures

HEY thanks for invite

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I was initially going to call you a nerd, ducky, for the whole Harry Potter skin reference. However, I recognized the connection right away. So it would be a matter of "the pot calling the kettle black" if I teased you about it...

Glad he likes your skin, though. wink

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I bought one of those ;D

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'Coz I know what I'm saving up for. & You'll love it.

Report | 12/03/2010 8:27 pm


So do I. I've got like 600 tickets from it from just starting it last night.


"Get ahold of yourself, you're not different..."