^ Guitar. Post-Hardcore. Indie. Future Ambient. House + Trap. Piano. Violin. Horror. Friends. Chill. Hang outs. Movie Nights. Shiba Inus. Corgis. Munchkins. Yaoi. Comedy. Games. Sleep. Spicy. K-Dramas. Romance. Christian. Glutton. Food. Korean. Ulzzangs. Pretty Boys. Asian(s). Guitar. Pr0n.

v Pain. Too much Horror. Depression. Salty. Overly-Romantics. Swagfags. Ghetto people. Stench of Weed. Repetitive Noises. Drama. Annoyances. Work. Walking. Strict Parent's. Being Alone. Darkness. Distant Friends. Sexists. My Fat. Selfishness. Hypocrites. Overrated Crap. Cyclothymia. Leggings, snakebites, studs, crosses, etc... Basically, anything that i see too much of that's in a trend.

The one thing I hate about myself is that I feel like I whore whenever I see someone cute, or if they act nice to me every time. My heart just skips a beat every ******** time, and I can never tell whether I'm in love or not. And when I am, or if I think I am, I always just watch from afar, making future plans of hoping to actually approach them.

Rin ** 16 ** b***h, I'm Flawless.


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I used to use this from lyrics and stupid things, but now all I know is that i can use it for my frustrations, since I can't really trust anyone. Why not just pull up a chair and sit on it? I don't mind people reading my life. Go for it.







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and fck you shingeki no kyojin is amazing. u fart.

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