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I don't accept random friend requests. Please don't send them. Chances are I don't want to be your friend if you're not considered one already. Those who are, I hold you very dear. Please don't be afraid to talk to me if you need my advice/help. I'm here for you at your best, I'll be here for you just as much at your worst.

RIP 2/11/14: Dad.. It's so hard to say this and admit that you've left earth. How could this happen? It was so quickly and so suddenly I didn't have the time to react properly. All I could do was cry really hard. I thought you were doing fine when I last saw you, but I guess one can never really tell these things. You were still young.. but I guess it was your time. I remember all the long hospital visits and when you had to be away from your kitty. When they told you you'd be alright, she was as overjoyed as you were.

You had plans to finally move out of that crappy apartment complex you were stuck in for 10 years, but then this happened. I still don't think it's sunk in yet.. I miss you and I love you. I'm glad you finally have the answers to all those questions. God bless and take care, I'll see you again some day. I hope you're happy wherever you are and I hope you're watching over me. I find myself saying that so many things remind me of you now. I still see you in my dreams sometimes. You'll always be in my thoughts and forever in my heart. It's sad to think, father's day will never be the same.


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Report | 09/30/2015 3:06 pm


Omg yes and now I think the name I see the most in the art shops is Cutesu! She sells and buys O^O I think Cutesu bought from just about every artist around, she's commissioned me like 2 or 3 times dlfkhskldfn';; yEAH DUDE YOUR AVATARS WERE SO DOPE;;;;!!!!!!!!! they always matched nicely and you had the lolita thing going on and it was so nice cool )) i feel you on just being burnt out tho I just kind of,, do the bare minimum with matching on my avatars lols me: forever a mess tbh also there are way too many items for me to keep up and all the recolors and rereleases and aslkdhalkwe???

Yesss it takes time to move on from something so big, esp since it affected you so badly!! 8(

oh jeez I have a laptop fck I guess I'll set the graphics down if I try it! Oh woah that's hella neat tho?? Kind of like the animal crossing QR Codes! So cool aaaa do people like make livings off that do you think?? O ^O its a really cool idea but I wonder if the pay out is that good?? It could just be for fun,which is nice too!! I hella feel you on the getting nervous/anxious from attention?? It's why I shy away from making personal posts on tumblr or anything like that lol like i'm a very private person but also?? it just takes one post to blow up for you to get a bunch of attention askfhklan I am not a fan lolflsdf I hope you can do it in a way that works best for you tho!! Maybe just do reblogs to start and build up the courage to post your own things!

Report | 09/29/2015 3:53 pm


ahAHAAaaaslkfhal I'm sorry I disappeared there lols I check gaia sparingly bc scHOOL IS KILLER KLAHDLNKKLSA;;;

Oh man yeah, you and a bunch of other people used to be pros at the Gaia Exchange and items and all that askfhflskdfhgklf;;

o_O that sounds so terrible, I'm sorry again! Yes, I think you just have to like hmmm like just move on from that awful situation? She does not deserve your forgiveness, you're too kind and not to insult your character but she could manipulate you into being friends with her again, doing her favors and things etc stuff like that. Just leave her out of your life 8((

Waaa it seems so cool, if I ever get the time I want to check it out. The clothes are cute and I like the graphics so?? O^O ohh I'm sure I'll like want to dress nicely from the get-go kldfhldk idk anything about how it plays tho- aaa you should check out the tumblr side of SL!! I don't know anything about it, but I'm sure its neat and there are some other blogges/potential friends!! 8D!!! You should make a tumblr abt it!! ^p^
Mana Caelum

Report | 09/27/2015 9:08 pm

Mana Caelum

Awww. Yes, that is true! Even if we talk briefly, it means a bunch to me!
You came back for me? *is torn up* crying

I will message you sometime on skype! Ahh, I see. House keeping~
No worries. I was all about apps when I got this phone. whee

That's a super long time to be on this site for! Seriously.
Yeah, same here. I think I left one time for a year. Now I'd leave for a few
months and then come back to leave again for another few months. lol
I'm happy I found you here too! It makes me all fuzzy inside just thinking how
long it's been since we met and are still in touch!

Err, if you really want to gift me anything, I'm all about dat monochrome. emotion_dowant
Black and white items make me have a semi lady boner. Nothing else interests me.

Report | 09/26/2015 9:06 pm


omg yes D: everyone is like yeah bribe me ___ and then they post sample. there is no life or room to make friends, it's really strange bc everyone used to be sooo friendly and they WANTED people to stick around and chat.

I think my mom is just getting a little lonely as she gets older so she likes having the family/me to keep her company around.

That's so terrible oh my goodness o_O how long did you live with her?? I'm so sorry that she manipulated and abused you like that. 8(( What an awful person, and you really are very kind. She didn't deserve to have you around and you didn't deserve to have to deal with her. The only good thing here is that she's gone from your life. 8(

It seems like fun aaaaa SecondLife seems neat, and there's a lot of possibilities/something for everyone on there!! ^p^~

Report | 09/26/2015 3:08 pm


Yesss, and I'm about to sound rude as hell but most of the art in the art shops is like, boring? It's not really eye-catching or fun like all the artists from before. There are still some really unique and lovely styles but they're rarer than before.

OMG YEAH My mom is the one that is like, you can live here forever its ok we love having you here and my dad is like so when are you finding a place? xD I'm looking tho!
Oh wow that's terrible tho D: Especially considering you met IRL,,?? wow,,,, how awful that you had such a long friendship for it to come to a bad end like that :ccc She is out of your life, I am hopefully assuming??

AAAA Your blog is so lovely!! How cute ;v; Those outfits are so nice, I totally love them!!!


Report | 09/26/2015 10:35 am


i've just sadly accepted that gaia is dead and it won't ever be at a pace that i can or want to keep up with orz; also like 90% of the old community is gone ,,?? it's very quiet

oh man I feel you D: I wish you luck with your own place! I will probably be living here for another year or two as well. I'm in no rush from my parents, fortunately, but I am sort of like kicking myself because if I get comfortable I just won't gO LOL;;;

Blogging!! On tumblr or do you do it another place?? I go on twitter mostly, but school has really been killing me so I just sort of lurk now. D: I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you got out of a bad situation!!!

Report | 09/25/2015 9:23 pm


Your avi is super cute Yume! the mint/black/purple combo's nice to look at when done nicely

Report | 09/25/2015 2:39 pm


the whole trillions thing is a little wild to me to be honest, like, i expected it when art was going for 500mil as a /lowball/ but i'm still. it's still crazy to see.
yEAH GOLD IS LIKE,,,,noTHING,,,,even if you want to get OC art most (quality) artists i've seen prefer AT which is nice. it feels more fair.

are you back on gaia for a while or are you just lurking?? :0 ah yes I saw, I hope things get better for you and I'm sorry for all your tough times! I'm also sorry I wasn't there to help you through all of it as a friend. 8(

I've been ok! Graduating this year as an engineer and then..probably...going to the air force! and for my personal life, went through a few very bad relationships so i'm just sticking with my rl friend group and we're all just focusing on school LOL life has been treating me okay, i moved back in with my parents after living away for 2 years so that's a trip. working to support myself, move out and all that stuff.
What have you been up to?? :0

Stephany  Winters

Report | 09/25/2015 4:54 am

Stephany Winters

Thank you for buying! *curtsies*

Report | 09/24/2015 2:19 pm


YUME!! Omg I come on here lately just to talk with some friends ;_; this website is so like dead though, everyone has gone to other places, (tumblr, twitter), or just disappeared.
I sold art for like a few weeks in the summer but it was not worth the gold/items for the time I spent on it and I'm really busy with uni TvT;;;
How have you been??


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