Just remember who you really are

Sayonara...for now.

Denjin1, BlackRangerPower, A Pure Unfiltered Legend, One Way Rocket Ride, Unrefined, Xenovia, and the most loved one, Ron the Epic Edition. I've had many different names (and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few), but one thing is for sure, over the 15+ years I've been on Gaia, I've had an AMAZING time! But...it has to come to an end. Life right now is saying to me that I have to officially walk away from Gaia. I hate soppy goodbyes, so I'm trying to keep it not so...depressing. I'll miss you all and I love you all. I hope I've made your time on here as fun and enjoyable as you have made mine. Take care guys!

So, its rather unfair to all of you to keep you in the dark. I got some news that kinda hit hard. In 2 months time, I have to lace up my boots again...Sorry I didn't tell you all.

The memory remains...
Forever Epic.