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Basic Info:

• Name: Tammy Nguyen

• Age: 18

• Asian; Vietnamese

• I LOVE reading about myths and legends. Especially Greek Mythology <33333

• I love to play video games, listen to music, roleplaying, anime, manga...

• I love watching action movies more and I love DC and Marvel! <33

• My favorite singer is P!nk ; my favorite band is Linkin Park! <3333

• My favorite video game[s] of all time is TEKKEN!!! <3333 and sometimes Modern Warfare 3.

• My favorite characters in Tekken are: Lars, Kunimitsu, Alisa, Lili, Jun, Unknown, Asuka, Jin, and Hwoarang.

• I love K-Pop and J-Pop! My favorite boy group in K-Pop is B1A4. My favorite singer for J-pop is Kotoko and Ayumi Hamasaki.

• I love Vocaloid! <333 My favorite will have to be: IA, Halyosy, and Akatin.

• I am such a geek and my love for Fantasy, Legends, and Myths cannot be described in words.... x.x

• I'll update more when I think of some. ;x

!!!!!~QUESTING: FALLEN WISH (Thank you! CB Nostalgia! <3 )) & Compass of Seidh & Steel-plated Ninja Band

Dream Avi:

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Total Value: 11,188,640 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Blue Candy Stripes Bikini Top
Fallen Wish 6th Gen. Thank you CB Nostalgia <33
Kottan Bell Reunion
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Dark Halo
S-Pop Club: Rayna smilies/icon_heart.gif Thank you Lee Byunghun <3


Total Value: 4,246,019 Gold
After Exclusions: 3,361,419 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
White Tone Limbs Gloves
Zodiacal 3rd Gen.
Silver Laurels
Skyfish Ribbons
Ruined Souls
Compass of Seidh

Thank You IBananayou! :3


Thank you, One Woman Revolution! <3