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- Jeannette / Female / Gamer / Artist/ Hermit -
Comment on my Profile or something.

I'm as average as average gets, there's not really much to know beyond that. I'm taken, I'm a female, I like animals. I'm also horrid at replying to PM's, so bare with me.

I am currently at a Lounger Status in the PokeLounge and a regular at the Rainbow League. I write, though not much anymore. So yeah.

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Here's some stuff I like/hate.

✗ Drugs/ Alcohol/ narcotics
✗ Procrastination/ laziness ( even my own )
✗ Being expected to be perfect
✗ Close-mindedness
✗ Having a religion shoved down my throat
✗ Extreme cold
✗ Extreme heat
✗ Mindless violence
✗ War
✗ People who give up too easily on life
✗ Selfishness
✗ Lies

✓ Food
✓ Sleep
✓ Dreams
✓ Stories with good plots
✓ Scary movies
✓ Anime
✓ Marvel
✓ Star Wars
✓ Anime
✓ Pokemon
✓ Autumn/ Spring
✓ The color blue
✓ Video games
✓ RPG's
✓ Soft or fuzzy things
✓ Ice cream
✓ Sushi
✓ Music ( Of any kind )
✓ Decorating
✓ Creating things
✓ Animals
✓ Tea ( Especially loose leaf )
✓ Grav3yardgirl
✓ CutiepieMartzia
✓ Pewdiepie
✓ Cryaotic ( adfkdjfhdfdsfkajdhfdsfsdf )
✓ Sciences

3DS Friend Code: 3368-1689-8422
XBOX Gamertag: Starblaze4553 ( send a message telling me who you are please )
Steam Username: Completelyisane

** Background Photography is mine


To the man that changed everything.

I don't know what I would do without you meum leo,
you are my everything, my life, my light.
You have always brightened my days;
with just your smile, none-the-less.
No matter the distance
or how much time has passed
I will always be yours, forever.
Please continue to fill my life
with all the positive things you do
I'm blessed to have someone like you
who loves me so completely.
I Tortured Sleep I