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- Jeannette / Female / Gamer / Artist/ Hermit -
Comment on my Profile or something.

I'm pretty much that geek you stare at in awe as I make a fool of myself in public; I'm average and mostly antisocial, and horribly horribly shy like 98% of the time. I will drop conversations at random; it doesn't mean I wasn't enjoying talking to you or that I don't like you, just that my energy bar kinda ran low.
I'm severely addicted to skyrim.
I am the kittenborn, bitches.
I try my best not to be an idiot but I miss things, I might learn fast but I'm sure as hell not Einstein.
I'm a pretty decent and kind person but I have my limits.
I'm sick like all the time, so yeah.

I waste my time..
Bothering people in the pokelounge/ Rainbow league
Playing Skyrim
Writing / Roleplaying
Staring at my TV screen watching another people play games

Game Stuff:
3DS Friend Code: 3368-1689-8422
XBOX Gamertag: Starblaze4553 ( send a message telling me who you are please )
Steam Username: Completelyisane

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** Background Photography is mine

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To the man that changed everything.

I don't know what I would do without you meum leo,
you are my everything, my life, my light.
You have always brightened my days;
with just your smile, none-the-less.
No matter the distance
or how much time has passed
I will always be yours, forever.
Please continue to fill my life
with all the positive things you do
I'm blessed to have someone like you
who loves me so completely.

The people I care for more than anything

My loving and wonderful boyfriend, my bestest friend, my everything. I don't know what I'd do without him. <3

Little mintchan
On of my best friends, and probably the weirdest girl you will EVER meet.

Faye is one of the best people to ever exist; she's insanely kind and generous and one of the only people I feel like I can tell everything to.

Mog is bestest best friend. o u o He's stuck through with me through everything and he's utterly irreplaceable.

Shibu Mizaku
An utterly kind and funny man, and one who's been there for me multiple times to listen to my belly aching. xD

Another person who's been there for me through a lot, even if the issues were totally stupid and I was overreacting. He's never once told me my worries were stupid and always helps me through them.

Chidori Rain
No matter how long I'm gone, or how much I complain, she always makes me feel welcome. She's amazing and supppeerrrrr cool.
I Tortured Sleep I