I am the first and official TOM of Gaia. Been around for well over two years. Accept no less, people.

Toonami (a portmanteau of the words cartoon and tsunami suggesting a "tidal wave" of animated cartoons) is a registered trademark of Cartoon Network, used initially for action-oriented programming blocks on Cartoon Network television channels worldwide, mostly showing American cartoons and Japanese anime, originating in the United States on March 17, 1997 and ended on September 20, 2008.

The Toonami brand name was subsequently used in the United Kingdom as the name of an action-oriented animation channel replacing a former Cartoon Network owned channel CNX, which had been a Toonami/live-action hybrid network. It has been hosted by two CGI hosts.

Originally, Moltar, of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, was the host for Toonami. Eventually, TOM took over. It was during this run that we were introduced to the computer of the ship through several online games that tied into a going storyline aboard the ship. The mention of the ship is only because of the death of the original TOM in one of these story lines, and the arrival of TOM 2, a dark and sleeker model of host. When Toonami finally landed in the late night spot on Saturdays, the ship was eventually replaced with a number of exploring robots and their counterparts.

TOM v1.0's biography:

TOM's tenure as the host of Toonami has been the longest on record. He has undergone four different incarnations in his nearly eight years at the helm of the block. He has become the face of Toonami. Short for Toonami Operations Module, TOM is the custodian of the Absolution. He became the custodian after Moltar saw TOM's heroic actions in the Intruder online comic. TOM's primary responsibilities include ensuring the ship is properly maintained as well as broadcasting the Toonami signal to the world. TOM is a sardonic, wisecracking robot, frequently throwing out one-liners and, like Moltar, give sage advice to viewers about moral issues like bravery and standing up for what's right. Infrequently, he'll pass along game reviews, people interviews, and other various commentary. TOM has undergone several physical changes since his introduction, but in all incarnations he is powered by a nuclear reactor and his attitude remains the same. During his many game reviews, TOM has shown an interest in adventure and shooter/FPS games. He usually gives fighting games a low grade (6s mainly) due to lack of storyline.

The original version of TOM was a small, pudgy robot with his feet, hands, and head connected to his body by thin black joints. TOM made his broadcast debut on Saturday, July 10, 1999, five minutes before the first Midnight Run episode at aprox. 11:55 pm. After ascending to the bridge of the Absolution he made his first speech:

“So it's a brand new Toonami, but the mission objectives remain the same. My name is TOM. I'm the new Moltar. Welcome aboard the Ghost Planet Space Ship Absolution, Cartoon Network's first and only interstellar broadcast and exploration vehicle. I'll give you the tour later. From this day forward she is completely responsible for all Toonami transmissions. I'm takin' you guys into the new millennium! No big changes now, same show, same attitude; new place to do it, new guy to do it with. I'm not going to waste any more time, let's get back into it. Later.”

After more than a year as host of Toonami, the original version of TOM met his end in the September 2000 event The Intruder, when a mysterious red blob invaded the Absolution. When TOM went to investigate, the blob sent him flying out into deep space. After returning back to the ship, TOM attempted to destroy the blob, but his laser blaster was ineffective against it. Ultimately, the blob engulfed TOM inside an elevator and destroyed him. This incarnation of TOM was voiced by Sonny Strait, a voice artist and producer at FUNimation Productions who also provided the voice of Krillin in the second English dub of Dragon Ball Z, and would later be heard as Usopp for the Funimation edited dub of One Piece.

TOM 2:

After TOM's sacrificial act in The Intruder, Sara, the AI aboard the Absolution, downloaded TOM's memory matrix (which included all his memories, thoughts, and persona) into a new chassis and activated the unit aboard the Absolution. Dubbed TOM 2, this version of TOM was a taller, leaner model with the larger hands and feet, and a sleeker head unit. Overall, TOM 2 looked to be a more battle-hardened version than his predecessor, and this quality was immediately put to the test when Sara informed TOM 2 he would have to go out and plant explosive charges on the starboard engine to save the Absolution. TOM 2 assumed the duties previously carried out by his former self, including the broadcast of Toonami from the Absolution. In the September 2001 event Lockdown, Tom demonstrated his ability to keep the Absolution up and running by single handedly getting the ship's nuclear reactor and conduit systems back online. In the September 2002 event Trapped in Hyperspace, TOM again took on the role of Absolution’s defender when the ship became infected with a virus shortly after entering hyperspace. TOM was able to get the ship's essential operation systems back online before crashing with Earth, and ultimately saved Sara from the virus, earning TOM a moment of affection from Sara. TOM 2 met his end in March 2003 after a space pirate named Orcelot Rex broke into the Absolution to steal Sara. After attempting to protect the Absolution TOM abandoned the ship, which was later destroyed, to pursue Sara's abductor, but in his second confrontation with the robot his body was destroyed. TOM 2 (and all further incarnations of the character from this point out) was voiced by veteran voice artist Steve Blum. Hosting Period: September 23, 2000-March 14, 2003

Ah.. Sara. My best friend, Sara. What could I do without you? Not much, actually. Since you run my computer, and parts of me... heheh.
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This is my ship, The Absolution Mk. I! I love this ship to pieces. I really do.

That, is me holding an energy trident. Like a lightsaber, but... trident-y. And cooler looking, cause it glows in the dark more.
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What TOM [And I] like[s]
Anime [Yup.]
Myself [Ourselves. =x=]
Sara [TOM would be blushing if he was human, but he can't. 8D;]
Reviewing video games [Whether anyone can hear me, or us, rant or not.]
Doing pretty awesome stuff.

Things TOM will not stand. [OR I FOR THAT MATTER.]
Corporate Businessmen
Orcelot Rex [Not as big a pain as the blob. Still a pain.]
That damn red blob [TOM's death to that thing actually freaked me out a bit.]
TOM 4. [I just... don't like this incarnation. He didn't have the same feel as the first three.]



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Kaos Persona

Report | 05/26/2012 12:41 pm

Kaos Persona

I knew you'd beback, TOM! I told you to have faith in your fans! Woo!
But...hm,not using this acc anymore? That's ironic.
Digital Knight07

Report | 05/17/2012 11:14 am

Digital Knight07

Toonami's back! May 26th >:]

Report | 05/10/2012 4:28 pm


I'm alright, getting things done for a few friends as well.

Report | 05/08/2012 4:54 pm


So how's life on your side? Has everything been well?
Kaos Persona

Report | 05/07/2012 9:15 pm

Kaos Persona

Hm...well you mean with me or in general? Things are always changing. I've changed a lot. I'm much more intune with my inner chaos and darkness now. That's why my hair and ears are different.

Report | 05/07/2012 3:50 pm


Hello there!

Report | 05/05/2012 1:23 pm


That guy?
I don't know... old?

Report | 05/03/2012 2:48 am


Moltar here, of Ghost Planet Industries.
Born a Zombie

Report | 04/24/2012 5:49 pm

Born a Zombie

We miss you TOM D=

Report | 04/09/2012 11:01 pm


I got to see Steve Blum in person over the weekend at Sakura Con. biggrin


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"It's time for me to come back. I've been on break for WAY too long! Welcome to the new era of Toonami. The good times are gonna keep on rollin', so stay tuned and stay gold. Bang."
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