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it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you...
s h o u l d b e b u r n i n g i n h e l l .


NAME: Sans The Skeleton
OTHER NAMES: Smiley Trashbag (Flowey), Sansy (Drunk Bun)
ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus (Headcanon based by me)
AGE: 18-25 Years Old (Headcanon based by me)
HEIGHT: 5'0" (Headcanon based by me)
WEIGHT: 110 lbs
EYE COLOR: White (Left eye can glow blue/yellow)
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
HOME: Snowdin, Underground
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Japanese, Wingding
OCCUPATION: Comedian, Sentry, Underground Judge
AFFILIATION: Underground Monsters, Frisk (In Pacifist Run)
FAMILY: Papyrus (Brother)
ALLIES: Frisk (In Pacifist Run), Toriel, Asgore, Alphys, Undyne, Mettaton, Grillby, Underground Monsters
ENEMIES: Chara (In Genocide Run), Flowey The Flower
WEAPONS: Various Bone Attacks, Gaster Blasters, Psychokinesis
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single (Verse Dependant/Thread Dependant)

Sans (/ˈsænz/ SANZ) is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in the forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in a Neutral and True Pacifist Route and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in a Genocide Route.


Sans is a short skeleton with a dimpled smile and large orbits. He wears an unzipped blue hoodie, a white t-shirt/sweater, black shorts with white stripes, and a pair of sneakers/slippers. He has white pupils that disappear when he is serious or angry. When Sans uses magical psychokinesis, his left eye flashes light blue and yellow, the colors for patience and justice, and his right pupil disappears.


Sans is laid back, often sleeping on the job and taking breaks. His laziness is a combination of fatalism and apathy. He wonders if his indolence stems from his knowledge that any progress he makes will be erased when the timeline resets. Conversely, he suggests that this knowledge could be "a poor excuse for being lazy."

Though Sans is usually agreeable, he becomes eerily serious at particular moments. He is also observant; Sans reads the protagonist's expressions and can often tell when they have already done certain tasks. He enjoys making bad, skeleton-related puns, although the fact that he performs at MTT Resort hints that he may be a talented comedian. He enjoys science fiction and loves to drink ketchup. He also hates making promises.

Sans may have a scientific background. Evidence includes the quantum physics book, workshop, his relationship to Alphys, affinity for science, and his timeline research.


Sans can quickly travel or teleport using what he calls "shortcuts."

In combat, he uses "Gaster Blasters," devices that resemble a skull, to shoot a kind of laser beam. Sans excels in combat and fights with unique abilities that include: Karmic Retribution, changing the effect of gravity on the SOUL, and attacking the protagonist in the selection menus. His magic reacts to EXP; Karmic Retribution would presumably be weaker if the protagonist had little EXP.

Because of his "research," he has knowledge of timelines and the SAVE function. However, he does not retain his memories when the protagonist loads a SAVE, and he cannot use the SAVE function. His awareness of time travel makes him scrupulous, and he recognizes when the protagonist is behaving unusually. Sans reads the protagonist's expression and determines if they have experienced events before and are repeating them. He also knows how much EXP the protagonist has and comments on it when judging them.

Sans also plays the trombone, though he is only seen playing it once. Papyrus finds his "incidental music" annoying, implying that he has played many times before.

Like other characters, Sans is aware of when the game's code suffers bugs and calls the protagonist a "dirty hacker" if they achieve an impossible ending of a Neutral Route.


The Protagonist
❝ take care of yourself, kid. 'cause someone really cares about you. ❞

Sans' attitude towards the protagonist depends on their actions, though he usually enjoys pranking them and occasionally hanging out with them unless they kill Papyrus. Near the end of a Neutral Route, he judges them on their EXP. At the end of the True Pacifist Route, Sans considers them a good friend.

Sans initially considers the protagonist to be an "anomaly"; his intentions of befriending them were in hopes that they would stop resetting the timeline. However, he also says that the protagonist did not die after their initial encounter because of his promise to Toriel. This may imply he would have killed the protagonist or that he protected them from life-threatening harm after their first encounter.

❝ you dirty brother killer. ❞

Sans cares for and admires his brother. He reads him bedtime stories and gives him presents under the identity of Santa. Nonetheless, Sans likes to mess with Papyrus, sending him bad puns on the UnderNet. He also leaves a dirty sock in their living room for Papyrus to fuss over.

Sans worries about others hurting Papyrus or taking advantage of him. In some Neutral Endings, Sans is afraid to tell Papyrus about other characters' deaths, so he lies about them going on a vacation.


Toriel and Sans share a love of bad jokes and are friends even though they never see each other face-to-face until the epilogue, the Family Ending, or the Exiled Queen Ending. Before the protagonist's arrival, Sans and Toriel shared jokes through the door to the Ruins.

In the Exiled Queen Ending, Sans becomes Toriel's roommate if Papyrus has been killed. In this route, Sans also states that he "can't bear to tell her what [the protagonist] did." If Papyrus is alive, the brothers visit Toriel often, play board games together, and sometimes convince Toriel to leave the Ruins.

While not being one to make promises, Sans complies with Toriel's request to watch over and protect any human that exits the Ruins. At the end of a Genocide Route, he indirectly apologizes to her, as he is forced to break his promise to stop the protagonist.


Though there is evidence that Sans and Alphys have a relationship, Sans only alludes to this in the epilogue.

It is also noteworthy that if Papyrus and Undyne are called just before entering the Laboratory, Sans will appear in the call and state that there may be dogs inside the lab. This hints that he knows about the true lab since Endogeny, an amalgamate containing several dogs can be found there.

W. D. Gaster

A few things hint at a connection between Sans and W. D. Gaster. Evidence includes the blueprints and veiled machine found in his workshop, the sprites used for his skull-like laser guns (labeled gasterblaster in the game files), and his unexplained scientific research on the "anomaly" and timelines. Sans and Papyrus are named after a font, as well as W.D Gaster, so it is believed they are related.



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Joseph began to take notes from the things he was looking over not aware he was being watched at all he always got so absorbed into thing when it came to researching or observing things to work on cases. Not seeing too much else to jot down he stuffed the little black book away in his inner breast pocket of his dark gray vest and began to look around some more. Not finding anything else important he ended up hearing something that was just a mumble from his partner behind him and glanced over at Aya to see how she was holding up and what she was doing seeing she had something in her hand and was sitting noting that she seemed upset about something and moved away from the desk slowly approaching her studying her closely and not getting too close to her since..feelings weren't really his thing it only really consists of being hard on himself and being charitable for others but when it came to women and comfort he..was a bit awkward with that. "Uhh.." he said softly to make hi presence known so he wasn't to startle her hopefully "How you holding up?" he asked keeping a calm tone of voice as he glanced around the room for one last time then at the door and sighed softly brows furrowing in disapproval at what his thoughts were saying to him "I think the coast is clear..think we can move out now." he added keeping his tone soft still not to sound pushy or make conflict he just really wanted to get out of here...
SurvivaIist Report | 07/27/2016 11:01 pm
Hearing that the lecture was continuing and that Aya still didn't seem to get the hint about her tone of voice Joseph gave her a little glare for a moment then moved away from the door and wandered over to a desk which looked like it could of been used to repair things or something along the lines of that. "Shh!" he began "I really don't feel like being trapped in this room with no escape if something does hear us, I don't know about you." he said keeping his stern voice and began to open drawers and move papers to read them also wondering if there was some sort of weapon for Aya to use he really wanted to give her a gun instead of a blunt kind of weapon is better than the flashlight she had, wait..did she still have it? Either way what mattered was that they were alive still and...partly unharmed Joseph felt like he had some kind of beating so far and he imagined she might have too. "Look, let's just collect ourselves and find a way out..." he said keeping his tone calm down and moving away from the desk he was at not finding anything too useful and the notes just seemed like senseless rambling and whoever 'Ruben' was. "I say we wait for a bit then look for the security room and look at the cameras." he suggested well...more like told he didn't really want a 'no' for an answer he thought checking the cameras for anybody a threat, sane, or a way to find an exit...something..and maybe one of the security left a gun there as well he could get Aya.
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Once in the fair sized janitor's closet Joseph's heartbeat began to slow down gradually his panting becoming less noticeable to quiet normal breaths. The young detective kept his back against the metal door of the janitor's closet with the small black book in one gloved hand and the other gloved hand holding a pen Oda was busying himself with drawing a round sketch of the thing that attacked him before he ran into Aya and the thing that attacked the two of them recently. He was still in the process of drawing out the haunted though was stopped by a flinch on the last bit of derails on the last monster from his partner's raised voice causing the Japanese-Canadian male to look up from his book with a frown fixed on her furrowing his brow a bit in disapproval and shut the book sticking the pen on it and putting it back on the inside pocket of his vest and held out his hand in a shushing manor "We need to keep our voices down." he said sternly then crossed his arms "Besides..I had things under control..." he added glancing off to the side his gaze then began to wander around at the things in the janitor's closet they were in to see if there was anything helpful in here and making another excuse not to make eye contact he got enough lecturing from Sebastian and Juli as is and right now he was on edge as much as she was too quite possibly...

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“do you wanna have a bad time?”
~ Sans The Skeleton


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