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Current RP Character [Resident Evil ORC OC]

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The Umbrella Security Service

The Umbrella Security Service ( abbreviated "USS" ) is an Umbrella elite special forces taskforce. As opposed to the UBCS, the USS are specially trained mercenaries with experience in infiltration, protection, and extraction. As such, their missions involve espionage and intelligence-gathering, contrary to the UBCS' "clean-up" work.

The Rockfort Island Military Training Facility, trained recruits to Umbrella's paramilitary taskforces until the island's capitulation in December 1998 - USS agent "HUNK" was trained there in 1996.

USS Echo Team's Roles

Assault/Leader/Medic: Echo Team Captain Darkstar
Demolitions/Recon: Echo Team Member Jinx
Surveillance: Echo Team Member Stalker
Tech/Field Scientist?: Echo Team Member Black Shuck

USS Agent Darkstar

Real Name: Sonya Alice (A.) Jayden
Codename: Darkstar
Occupation: U.S.S. Agent (Formerly upon quitting), Anti-Bioterrorism Task Force Elite Squad Member
Rank: Leader of ECHO Team (Formerly upon quitting/Team disbanded)
Role: Leader/Assault/Medic (Formerly upon quitting)
Alignment: The U.S.S., Anti-Bioterrorism Task Force (U.S.S. Formerly upon quitting; Task Force fully and completely)
Age: Early twenties ( 20-21; 1998 ), Early thirties ( 34-35; 2013 ), Late thirties ( 38-39; 2017 )
Date of Birth: 1978
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian/British/Boston
Marital Status: Single
Love Interest: None, as of now
Family: Father - Norman Jayden (Bostonite; Former Umbrella Mercenary/Researcher; Current FBI Agent/Profiler; Alive)
Mother - Ayame Kurosaki-Jayden (Japanese-British; Former Reporter; Current Journalist; Alive)
Pet Cat - Gemini (Male; About 1 year or so; Beige & white fur)
(Parents are in hiding, Gemini lives with her)
Hair Colour: Blonde, mid back-lower back length
Eye Colour: Lavender Purple
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120-125 lbs
Build: Slim yet strong, agile, lithe, and very athletic
Specialties: Hand-to-hand combat and stealth
Other: She has a slight British accent when speaking though it can sound more like a Boston accent at times as well. But is most notably British. She has a few scars here and there on her body from over the years but they are barely visible and hidden in areas of her body not seen all the time except for the noticeable yet faint scar on her chest from when the mind control device was implanted on her by Wesker. She also has a light purple, tribal tattoo on her lower back.
Lives: Has a house in Boston, New York that was given to her by her Father and paid for by Sonya herself with the money she had gotten from the USS before quitting.
Personality: A kind but strong woman with strong morals. She cares about people, even if they are considered enemies. She, unlike most of the others in the USS or Umbrella in general, cares about human life and will openly refuse to kill innocents since she finds the though absolutely appalling. When she finds someone she loves, she is strongly attached and loyal to them and very loving. Though she can be playful and teasing at times and somewhat seductive if she feels like it. She also has a 'dark side' to her that is rarely shown, but when it is... it can be somewhat frightening.

'General Information on the Agent

Darkstar was trained in the martial arts ever since she was a little girl. Her Father used to be an Umbrella Mercenary and Researcher and it was he that got her to join the U.S.S. in the first place before he realized the mistake he made and went into hiding with Darkstar's Mother, unable to save his Daughter from her contract with Umbrella. She is a very agile and swift individual who seems to be able to pull off amazing maneuvers that others would find quite difficult to complete. She is an avid gymnast and very athletic. Darkstar is also very loyal to those she deems worthy of her loyalty and isn't one to ignore orders when they are given. Most of the time at least. There are times she may decide to do things her way, even if she is specifically ordered not to, and still manage to get the job done with amazing talent. Or there are times she may just ignore orders altogether. She also tends to get a kick out of killing (undead and B.O.W.s) and may sometimes become a little maniacal on the battlefield. Her skill with knives and swords is compared only to her skills in firearms. All in all, Darkstar seems to be a neutral entity, not marveling in any specific field but able to use several fields with ease. She is also medically trained and a useful and dangerous Medic. She is not one you would want to stumble across in a dark alley late at night...

Operation: Raccoon City ( Year 1998 )

September 1998, U.S.S. Delta team ( also known as "Wolfpack" ) enters the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory, where they meet up with U.S.S. Alpha Team leader HUNK. Their mission: to assist the Alphas in stopping Dr. William Birkin from handing over his G-Virus research to the U.S. Military and retrieve the G-Virus. On their way to Birkin's lab, they find that Birkin has paid-off numerous U.B.C.S. mercenaries into working for him while the deal goes forward. When they reach Birkin's lab, the doctor is shot at from behind a closed door, HUNK and another Alpha leave with the samples. Heading up the elevator to meet up with Goblin 6, they soon find that Birkin has survived the attack and injected himself with the virus. The creature proceeds to kill off most of Alpha team before disappearing; HUNK offers to go back in search of the sample.

Not long after the battle, it becomes evident that the T-Virus has leaked city-wide, and people are beginning to turn into zombies soon after. In what they see as a punishment by U.S.S. Command, Delta team is ordered to remove evidence of Umbrella's role in the outbreak. Heading into Raccoon City Hall, Delta Team meets with a U.B.C.S. mercenary and they monitor Nicholai Zinoviev; he is soon revealed as a traitor and attempts to kill the Wolfpack.

Later, the team is sent out around Raccoon Park to find the Nemesis, which has gone rogue. A second parasite is injected into its body in order to bring it back under control. Shortly after this mission is completed, the team is then sent out to the Raccoon City Police Department, ordered to kill any surviving police officers and destroy evidence linking the company to the outbreak.

Delta Team’s support, U.S.S. Echo Team has also been sent in to assist Wolfpack in the overall mission but things take a turn for the better (or worse in the U.S.S.’s case). Echo Team’s squad Leader and Medic, U.S.S. Agent Darkstar defects from her team and decides to protect and save innocent civilians, even going as far as getting at least one of them out of the city alive, an R.P.D cop. She went against orders to kill him and risked her life to get him out of Raccoon City alive. Along the way, she seemed to have developed feelings for the male and often got very worried about him as they tried to escape, facing many obstacles and suffering many injuries and near-death experiences. But it was a fleeting fancy that would soon vanish.

After Operation: Raccoon City (Year 1998-2004)

After being returned to U.S.S. Command, U.S.S. Agent Darkstar was placed under isolation and strict punishment before being suspended from the USS for a while, due to saving one of the intended targets of the mission. She was eventually reinstated again (albeit under special supervision) due to blackmail and threats because she knew far too much about Umbrella’s ‘dirty work’ and had no choice but to follow orders and do what she was told. Though another reason why she seemed to have agreed to work for the USS again is for another chance meeting with the cop she saved, though it is noted that Darkstar has plans to quit the U.S.S. anyway, no matter what it takes.

Resignation from the U.S.S. (Year 2004-2006)

A few years and a couple chance meetings with the man she saved later, U.S.S. Agent Darkstar decided it was time she quit the U.S.S. completely. Umbrella was practically finished by then so there was really nothing holding her back from doing so. The U.S.S. Facility she was in was going to be her resignation from the U.S.S. How so? By destroying the Facility of course. Her plan, though foolish and probably suicidal, worked like a charm and she managed to accomplish her goal, though suffered some punishment and injuries to do so. Ransacking the U.S.S. computer database, Darkstar collected valuable information that she would later use as leverage for future employment.

New Career Choice ( Year 2006-2008 )

Shortly after her ‘resignation’, former U.S.S. Agent Darkstar found employment in an Anti-Bioterrorism Task Force under her real name, Sonya A. Jayden. Easily slipping into her new job, Sonya became a member of an Elite Squad in the Task Force and assisted them as a loyal and strong Soldier as well as a strong and avid Medic, usually in charge of keeping her Squad Members alive and well. She had become a notable member of the Task Force and has made many friends in high places.

Missing In Action (Year 2008-2010)

Sometime after starting her new life, Sonya Jayden went missing from her home in Boston, New York, captured by one Albert Wesker, who had been keeping an eye on things and people ever since the Arklay Mountain t-Virus incident in the Mansion located in the Arklay mountains. She was used for experimentation and however else Wesker saw fit until she was placed under the same mind-control as Jill Valentine, via a special device located on her chest. Wesker wanted to use Sonya to eliminate anyone he deemed a threat, even if just a small one. One of these supposed threats was her unknown love interest from back in Raccoon City who had become a thorn in the side of those looking to take over or destroy the world. Wesker saw fit to allow his new puppet soldier to face off with her old acquaintance because the thought both amused him and he enjoyed causing pain for others. Physical and emotional. She was a very loyal Soldier, in many ways, but expendable.

Her unknown love interest was set up by a bank robbery created by Wesker and Sonya to help draw him out. When it succeeded Wesker allowed the former cop to face off against his cloaked companion until it was revealed that she was actually Sonya Jayden, someone who had impacted the man’s life a lot since Raccoon City. Though Sonya was eventually freed from the device, courtesy of her knight in shining armor, though suffered a severe and life-threatening shot to the chest as well as some post-traumatic stress from her years of captivity under Wesker.

So far, she has been safe, though there is always the chance it may happen again. Her unknown lover was not so lucky. He suffered severe injuries from the fight with Sonya under the device’s control and it was possible he died from them later on.

By 2013 (Year 2010-Present)

Despite everything that had happened to her, Sonya returned to her position as an Elite Squad member for the Anti-Bioterrorism Task Force and has remained as such ever since, going on and completing missions and helping to try and rid Bioterrorism from the face of the planet FOREVER.'

Headcanon # 1 ~ Overly Cautious

Sonya’s entire life has been nothing but danger and darkness and life or death. It was what she was raised on. The days when she never had to deal with that were in the far, far past. The memories are tainted and blackened by the bio-terrorism she’s experienced. And because of this, she is extremely and overly cautious about almost everything. Her defenses will always be up and it’s no easy task to get those walls down again. Even if there is no danger at all, she will still act as though death is just around the corner. It’s the only way she knows how to cope. But if she finds people who would be willing to try and help her overcome this, then she would be willing to do so.

But until that day, she’s always going to sleep with a loaded handgun under her pillow.

Task Force Elite Squad Members

Soldier/Squad Leader: Teven 'Tev' Townsend (Age 40; American)
Soldier/Demolitions Expert: Kevin 'Kev' Johnson (Age 37; American)
Soldier/Recon Expert: Alessandra 'Alessa' Da Silva (Age 30; American-Australian)
Soldier/Surveillance Expert: Jason 'Jase' Andrews (Age 33; Australian)
Soldier/Weapons Expert: Nathan 'Nate' Weston (Age 32; American)
Soldier/Medic: Sonya 'Soney' Jayden (Age 38-39; British-Boston)
Team Base Doctor: Johnny 'JJ' Jones (Age 34; Bostonite)

Team Relationships

Though the A.B.T.F.E.S is a close nit group of friends, some notable things stand out.


~ Teven and Sonya have a Mentor/Student bond. He taught her new skills and she looks up to him.
~ Teven and Kevin are best friends, since childhood, and are a team no matter what. He is Teven's second-in-command.


~ Kevin is close to Sonya like a Father figure. Kevin affectionately calls her 'Baby Girl'. Their relationship is somewhat similar to Sonya's friendship with Beltway, back in the U.S.S.

Alessa (Alessandra)

~ Alessa is the 'Little Sister' of the team, affectionately called as such by everyone except Nate, and Sonya at times.
~ She likes to flirt with the boys and sometimes playfully with Sonya.
~ Alessa and Sonya are best friends.
~ She has a crush on Nate and a crush on Sonya, though mostly on Nate.

Nate (Nathan)

~ Nate looks up to Tevin and Kevin and strives to be just like them one day.
~ Nate is the 'Little Brother' of the team, affectionately called as such by everyone but Alessa and Sonya.
~ Nate and Sonya are best friends and battle partners a majority of the time.
~ Nate has a small crush on Sonya and Alessa but is shy and sheepish to admit it.


~ Jason is a 'Big Brother' figure to Sonya, even though she is older. And she affectionately calls him such, which often makes the others laugh.
~ He is the team's 'Comic Relief', always doing what he can to lighten the mood and cheer people up.


~ The team's Doctor, that usually stays at the team's Base Camp. He is the head Doctor there.
~ He used to work for TriCell before he quit.


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"No matter how beaten and broken I am. No matter how close to death I come... I will do what I can to help those that need it. Besides, not like anyone would miss me anyways." ~ Sonya Jayden


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