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The Final Girl

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"Famous Last Words..."

Name: Sam (Samantha)
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Age: 19 (21 August 1996)
Occupation: College Student
Family: Unknown
Status: Alive

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Samantha, known to her friends as Sam, is one of the eight protagonists and a playable character in Until Dawn. She is voiced by actress Hayden Panettiere.

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Sam has dirty-blonde hair tied in a pony-tail. At the beginning of the game, she wears a red shirt, an onyx-black (p)leather jacket wrapped with a lipstick-red thick scarf around her neck, and a plaid-styled skirt. Later on, she is clad in only a towel. She later finds her backpack and changes into a white shirt, crimson-red jacket, and grey workout pants.

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Sam is described in game as diligent, considerate, and adventurous. She seems to be the most level-headed and friendly member of the group and is rarely the cause of drama. Sam is a warm and caring individual, and cares deeply about her friends and their feelings, especially Hannah after the prank they pulled on her. She is a nature enthusiast with a love for animals, and dreams of becoming a conservationist. She has a disdain for violence and conflict, but will not shy away from fighting in order to save herself or her friends. Highly resourceful and resilient, Sam demonstrates remarkable calmness and decisiveness when under pressure.

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Nature-loving Sam is a warm and caring individual. The others might find her a little quirky, but she's comfortable in her own skin. She is strong willed and doesn't scare easily. The weekend away is a chance for Sam to catch up with friends, enjoy the mountain air, and put the past behind her. She is a resident of Los Angeles, California along with the other Lodge Survivors as well as Hannah and Beth.

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The Prank

Sam is shown arguing with Jessica about her plan to play a prank on Hannah. She tries to find Hannah and warn her, but reaches her right after the others have played their prank on her. Sam begins to chase after Hannah and get her to come back to the lodge, but fails to convince her and remains at the cabin. As Beth runs after her sister, Sam discourages Mike from pursuing them as he would be the last person Hannah would want to see.

Until Dawn

Chapter 1

A year later, Josh invites all his friends back to his lodge on the mountain. Sam is seen on a bus and listening to a podcast about the anniversary of Hannah and Beth's disappearance and then later watches a video of Josh inviting them all back to the lodge. After she alights from the bus, she goes to the cable car station where she meets with Chris. She watches Chris practice shooting a rifle before they take a cable car up to the mountains. During the ride, she learns of how Chris and Josh became friends.

The duo then meet Jessica at the top, where they learn of her new relationship with Mike. As Jessica insists on waiting for Mike, they head towards the lodge where they meet Josh, Ashley and Matt.


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Paranoid Chick Report | 10/26/2015 1:12 pm
Paranoid Chick
Once the two had gotten inside the cable car, Ashley sat down and waited for it to get moving. It was weird...being back up here after all the things everyone had experienced both the first time and second time. Ashley wasn't sure how she would have gone about this if it had just been herself only. But she didn't actually need to worry about that seeing how one of everyone she had gotten a hold of showed up. She was thankful it was Sam, one of the three that hadn't been involved in the prank, above all she had tried to stop it, she was someone Ashley respected."That's what I was hoping for..." She whispered. Countless nights of no sleep or night terrors, all back at this place, maybe the best way to bring her mind to ease was by coming back. With that, the car jerked a little before making its way up further on the mountain.
(You really shouldn't feel bad ^^ We all get busy, just as long as we eventually get to it right? C:  )
SurvivaIist Report | 10/21/2015 1:29 pm
To the 'lover boy' comment Chris chuckled lightly as he followed Sam he didn't really plan on going anywhere either he was scared...but was there anything really to be scared of? he didn't know... "Yeah...I don't want to be here any longer then you do.." he said softly glancing around though suddenly he heard someone calling for help calling both of their names in the distance and it sounded like Josh's voice causing Chris to jump slightly and quickly shoot his gaze over to where he thought he heard the call for help to Sam and him "J-..Josh..?" he called out hesitantly beginning to slightly stray away from Sam's side "Sam..that sounded like Josh you can't tell me you didn't hear that! We have to go!" he exclaimed and bolted off to where he thought he heard the call for help hoping to God she followed him and didn't lose him the last thing he wanted was to be alone. "Josh!?" he shouted as he continued to run through the darkness of the woods past the trees going deeper into the woods leaving the lodge behind him..
SurvivaIist Report | 10/16/2015 3:07 am
"U-Uhm...well I don't count on going anywhere." Chris said his cheeks going a bit pink when he felt her hand take his for a brief moment until she seemed to have pulled it away causing Chris to stare at the ground and clear his throat "Not wanting to lose me you say..I think you just wanted to get extra close to me~" he teased giving Sam a small playful nudge with his elbow and a little chuckle "It's fine though I thought how you handled those three or...four Wendigos you wouldn't be scared of a little woods 'round here." he teased once again though he stopped in his tracks when he heard something break like a twig or something his teasing and playful demeanor faded and he was looking more concern "I really hope that's just a deer or something..." he mumbled as he forced himself to move instead of being frozen in fear and began to shine the flashlight around this was becoming more and more a very horrible idea.
SurvivaIist Report | 10/16/2015 12:38 am
Once the two of them were out Chris glanced around he then wandered over to the wooden railing to glanced over it taking out his flashlight he fiddled with it to turn it on and flash it at the woods around the lodge at first it seemed clear... "Okay...let's...get a closer look." he said softly and headed down the stairs that had lead down the lodge to the ground hoping Sam was following him he didn't seem to notice she was spooked from looking around earlier and once Sam had pointed out looking at the trees Chris just stared at them and shined the light at them swallowing hard and nod able to budge he flinched though when she tugged at his wrist still showing he was jumpy."I'm coming." he said softly once again keeping his voice down as he was dragged along by Sam's hand that had a grip on his wrist "This is..such a bad idea." he said still keeping his voice down as he followed her along his gaze dropped down at her hand and chuckled softly " know I can walk on my own right?" he teased and wiggled the arm he had a hold of to hint at what he was talking about still allowing himself to be tugged and beginning to see more trees and darkness he jeot the flashlight shined around to make sure nothing popped out.
Paranoid Chick Report | 10/12/2015 3:18 pm
Paranoid Chick
It was nice to have someone on the mountain with her, Ashley couldn't believe she had brought herself back up here. She had never really been one to like being scared, she hated it. But she couldn't go on with a normal life until she could confirm that this nightmare was completely over with, and maybe make some amends with herself up here about what had happened to both poor Hannah and Beth and from the year before with Josh being killed. Stop it Ash She thought bitterly to herself. She needed to remember it was daytime and she had nothing to worry about, and for all they knew they finished off the last bit of the Wendigos in the Lodge when Sam had lit it on fire by flipping the switch after she waited patiently for everyone to get out safely. Once they reached the inside of the Cable Car Station the car was already waiting for them as she stepped inside it and glanced to the side over at Sam "I do too, sorry for making you come back up here Sam. It's hard for me to come back up here I can't imagine how it would be for you,"
Hey no need to worry about it C: We all get busy.
SurvivaIist Report | 10/06/2015 2:48 am
Chris couldn't believe he was going to do this..wander around in the snow at night but it could be a good thing that Sam will be accompanying him with this as well though he felt like Josh's fate was all his fault...Chris was his best friend and he just let Josh stay tied up and left him vulnerable for the Wendigo's picking and now he was gone... Chris kept his eyes secure on the view outside remaining silent as his eyes darted around to try and get a look until he heard Sam speak causing him to quickly turn around and face her but just as quickly regain his posture he didn't like how jumpy he has been and remembered the last time something scared him her, Ashley, and Josh all laughed at him and Josh poking fun at his manliness as well. "O-Okay...I' here." Chris said and turned around once again to stare out the door's window until Sam was finished. Once she had returned Chris glanced over his shoulder for a few seconds "O-Okay..." he said running his tongue along his lips just stalling for the moment even though this was his idea "Lets...have a quick look around and head back." he said finally grasping the doorknob and twisting it to pull it open feeling the cold gust and wandered out of the lodge to stand next ti the door outside pulling out the flashlight and keeping it off for now since light was coming from the lights outside in the lodge walls and once again he glanced around at the trees swallowing hard from his nerves going crazy.

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SurvivaIist Report | 10/06/2015 2:16 am
As soon as he heard the whistle too he jumped slightly and gasping inwardly very quietly he wasn't the most bravest person in the world even though he tried to be and he was on-edge and once Sam ran off to the kettle Chris was left there blinking several times in surprise until she returned earning a raised brow from him "Well if this were a solo mission then I'd be going alone." he said with a bit of sass he always had then turned to glance out the window once more "I'll...I-I'll get my coat and a flashlight then and be back down." he said and pressed his lips together in thought keeping his gaze out the window then forced himself to move away staring at the window wasn't going to help anyone and headed to the set of stairs leading up hugging himself slightly to rub at his arms, he was so on-edge.
After a little trip up to his room he had his blue fur trimmed coat pulled over himself and had a simple flashlight in his coat pocket that he found in his room he stopped by the spray on deodorant on the dresser and remembered what Josh told him about the makeshift flamethrower and stared at it for a moment with a frown Chris forced himself to snap out of it and grabbed i stuffing it in a pocket inside his coat and looked around the drawers in his room for anything else he could bring and found a lighter
"Wonder what this is doing here.." he mumbled taking it and putting it in his back pocket to his jeans and left the room to head down the stairs and return to the front door to the lodge to wait for Sam keeping his eyes out the window once again.

(( Nyeeeh e 3 e / ))
SurvivaIist Report | 10/06/2015 1:45 am
Chris moved a hand over his forehead and gave it a quick couple rubs and sighed deeply closing his blue eyes underneath the black framed glasses "I-I doesn't make sense..." he said then turned a bit to look out the lodge's window that was on the door to look out the darkness that was outside "But...what if he was helped? Or found a way to survive?" he asked looking at Sam with a small "puppyface pout" of concern "I was his best friend and I let him down...if he's in trouble I have to go look." he insisted turning slightly to face the door of the lodge now a hand hovering over the doorknob hesitant to go outside he didn't even know this was a good idea and the doubt in this idea caused him to bow his head to press his forehead against the glass on the window on the door, what was he supposed to do..?

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SurvivaIist Report | 10/06/2015 1:12 am
Oh lol that was fast >3>;
SurvivaIist Report | 10/06/2015 1:11 am
D; ~flails~
uh-huuuuuh if you say so
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"You need to listen to me. I don't care if you believe me or not. Doesn't matter. Because you will. You need to go down to the mines... I've seen what's down there and I'd give anything to unsee it."
~ Sam to Interviewer


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