The list of people who I wish would quit lurking in my doorway and just say 'Hi!' To me! :3

Advena Avis on 07/30/2015
Hanister on 07/29/2015
The Dove-Noire on 07/28/2015
Hello Neon on 07/25/2015
Scarlett Lox on 07/25/2015
The Amazing Wiggle on 07/25/2015
RaeMeian on 07/22/2015
Sifen Yamishi on 07/22/2015
etrom toa on 07/20/2015
Daplune on 07/14/2015
Crabkri on 07/13/2015
Darkness Dragons Revenge on 07/12/2015
Liliane2000 on 07/10/2015
MsGrimm on 07/04/2015

I look intimidating, but I swear I'm a friendly guy. Come talk to me!

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Occupation: Self-Employed (Finally!)

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My heart is an open book.

Read this to your heart's desire. I like sharing my work with people, specifically my friends. I hope you enjoy the art that I produce for your viewing pleasure. Think of this as a show, and you are my audience. Thank you for taking the time to read

Artwork done by: My Future Wife, AND MsGrimm!

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If you need somebody to talk to, about anything, My Inbox is Open. Message me Anytime.


. .Every Mark Is A Memory. .

Getting to know me. .

- I was one of the Featured Avatars (October 28th - November 3rd) in 2013!
On January 16th, 2015 I entered in the Punked Out Avatar contest where I was one of the first place winners! January 17th, 2015 I entered my Gaia House in the Arena and I won second place! Then in April 11th, 2015 I entered my friends and myself in a Group Avatar Contest where we got the honourable mention!

- I am a very down-to-Earth kind of person, and I try to be as open-minded to any / all possibilities.

- I have a pretty odd sense of humour!

- I am a proud Hispanic. Got a problem with it? Don't talk to me, then.

- I enjoy Boxing, MMA, and Soccer!

- I am a Writer and a Musician. I dabble in other forms of art, too. (Ask me about it.)

- There's more to me than what is written, so get to know me. Simple as that.


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