I like cosplaying, so if I'm not in my kaito outfit you can bet I'm cosplaying someone else
My gender is really important, I act like a girl and a guy sometimes, but I'm mostly boyish when I'm not in the best mood, so call me whatever you like, I don't mind.
I am really nice to people, and EXTREEMLY shy, though I try not to show it. it takes a lot to get me mad and even then I'm not mean.. mostly.
I am taken, sorry to all those guys and girls out there xP
My gaia age.. tough one, my first account was made back when I was 14, though I used to go on my friends account before that, so about 3+ years. not that old, and I'm still rather poor.
also, don't take my shyness for me not liking you or anything, I'm just a bit akward
Please PLEASE don't ask me for stuff though because I probably will give it to you unless I physically can't.. I mean, I'd give a stranger 100$ if they asked for it and I had the money on me.
I am a bit of a helpless romantic.. I like to be cute and If I'm in a relationship I like to do romantic stuff if that makes sense..
OH almost forgot, my sexual orientation. I am Asexual, but that doesn't mean I don't date, It just means I'm not into sex, romantically I'm pansexual/panromatic how ever you want to say it , because sex really doesn't matter to me one bit, I just don't like it.

you can add me if you want, I'm kinda closed off so if you want to take the challenge of trying to get close to me, go ahead c:
btw I'm on pinball often smilies/icon_razz.gif so if i am afk just check there.


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Trickster of Asgard

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Trickster of Asgard


Hi Kaito~!

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arigatou gonzaimashta for buying Happy melody!!
I Attempted

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I Attempted

Hey there! Thanks for buying heart
Boss Avi by the way