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Birthday: 01/20


stuff about the love of my life~<3

Nicole is 16 she has amazing hair and an adorable face, she's really sweet and funny, she does soo much sport stuff it's crazy x.x shes taken so don't try and hit on her ;p I'm so lucky to have her and i hope i can be her's for the rest of my life <3
she likes to say i have a sexy voice but hers is way sexier ;3 any one that has her as a friend is the luckiest person in the world :3 she also says shes fat but i think shes perfect the way she is<3 i don't think i could live without her. i love you so much baby 8/24/13<33 your my everything Nicole^o^

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Anthony <3

i love you baby cakes! 8/24/13<333