Hello randoms, friends, hated enemies, and beloveds.

My name is Mariah, but you can call me Mari for short. I'm nineteen years old and love to sing. I'm also wiccan, a shooter and in kickboxing. At times I'll be the nicest person you'll ever meet and at other times I'm a force that is not meant to be ******** with. Since the beginning I've helped others and have asked for nothing in return, but now all I ask of you to keep my trust and not back stab. My trust is given out easily, but if you break it there will be hell to pay.

Just keep that in mind for future reference.

If you ever have something nasty to say then by all means, say it and I'll show you if you're right or wrong. If you think I'm a bad person, prove it. Don't be a pansy and hide behind your friends.

If you ever see me in towns, don't hesitate to say hi. I'm a friendly person and always enjoy company. First impressions are most important to me. If you're intriguing, I'll add you. If I'm afk, it's usually because I'm playing xbox or LoL.

Photos of me are on the right side of the page; Photos of my baby are on the left.
She's the world to me. I've had her since I was four, so she's pretty damn old. She's a Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel mix and a beauty at that.

If you have any questions ask away. That's all for now.
Xbox Live- xLeanan Sidhe
Skype - Ask for it.
Number- Yeah right, try getting along with me first.

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