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Gotta Love this Gaian's
this guys are amazing met them in towns and
gave me a little something for my quest <3
thank you.
**Things to treasure for ever**
*~[Kira Yamato]~

*Eristics ** something amazing to treasure **
*Aidan Ravyneborne
*Robotic McMuffen
*Za Torappu
*Hisha Mun
*Styxx Nebula
*Luna de Nuit


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Hello I'm Mori
Im 26 currently living in the states,with my elder sis and taking care of my baby niece.
Soon to start Culinary School this August smilies/icon_smile.gif Yay
Bachelor's Of Graphic Arts and Design's.
Bachelor's Of Photography smilies/icon_razz.gif
I love anime and Video Games.
I'm Taken.
I love my gaia'n Friends you know who you are.
that's all.

Yes currently "Not Cos-Playing"

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