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Heyyyy wink
Welcome to my page!
I'm formally known as Mai Soto.

&& these are some you should know....

-Im addicted to Adele, i mean who doesn't love her voice?


-I love animals!

-Hgtv and food network !

-I love seafood:3

-Dragon Age Inquisition!!!!!!

-COD black ops 3 Zombies

-shopping and gaming!

Anything else...you wanna know you......can ask yourself!


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Ty Skyy
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Love who you love.
You only have one life to do so.
Who cares what others think...
Dare to be Different:]



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your avi is so beautiful!
your gal pal

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your gal pal

ah thank you!
finesse uchies

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finesse uchies

Can u hold that tie dye ticket for me ?

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naw i took a trip lol
Kotaru Byron

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Kotaru Byron

Adele XD

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I'm good been very busy. C:

How are you??? :OOO
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

my guild is about group entry themes. so anyone can come up with a theme, but i found myself mostly the one coming up with themes while everyone sits back and waits. i never got why people weren't happy enough to make a theme in the guild and then we all participate. there were only a few times where some people would do it. but anyway, as time went on people stopped making avatars for the group entries to enter in the arena, as a group.

to me group entries are fun. the people i added to the guild i saw where they had potential and they also love making avatars. so i thought it would be something fun for everyone. but over time some became very stand offish. like friends i used to talk to a lot went silent on me.

there was one friend that i felt close to, and she even gifted me the item she made but after that she drifted off and it's like some of them have their own little gathering outside of the guild where they talk to each other and whatnot. twice in the past they had group entries where i wasn't invited, but yet my guild is for them to have group entries in xD. so HOW WOULD THAT MAKE YOU FEEL? these are your friends or at least associates and they leave you out, and when u question 2 of them they each point to someone else saying that it was an all of a sudden group entry thing. pffffffffffffft to me that's bs.

one of yall could have said something. but hey they say when ur at the top of ur game and in this situation, i am good at making any kind of avatar for any kind of theme but yet i am told that my group entries are hard. LOL when the other rival guild has a group entry, it is a challenge as well but they would rather challenge themselves for that guild than mine. so it looks pretty bullsh*ttery on their end. now i'm getting dv after the deletion.

i'm not the bad guy here i just got tired of being avoided and people being in my guild that don't wanna enter. so atm i just turned the guild into my own personal test forum so that i can post my gallery in avatar talk one day. so yet again i am in the bad guy position. i used to have another friend i was close to but they started saying some racist things and when i tried to explain to them about the black race they laughed at me. so to this day they think i am wrong, but i was standing up for the black race because most on here act like they do not get sht and that basically blacks are the main cause for their own downfall.

that's bs, to me. racism still exists and people wanna p*ssyfoot around it. so its just one thing after the next with arena people. i think i'm done with trying to be friends with arena folk. i didn't take them as real friends anyway by their actions and silent actions that they think i do not see.

to me they used to be great in my eyes but not anymore.

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oh, thanks for the compliment, much appreciated! have an excellent weekend :^)
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

i go through so much irl and on here that it's a wonder if i'm still standing on two legs.

but i'm trying to make it, the best way i can.

the reason why i wrote that in my status is b/c i deleted people that never talk to me and never do anything in my guild.

whenever they do do a group entry to enter in the arena, it is amongst themselves and never in the guild that was made for group entry ideas.

so i feel like they don't care, so why should i care. i'm always left out and they never wanna participate while i'm the one doing all the work in the guild to make it exciting.

i got downvoted this week and maybe they did it or the regular downvoters of the arena did it, but i am definitely not the bad person people think i am.

if anything, i'm always the one that's treated wrong.


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