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Hi Stalkerz c: well first than all my name is Lily but you can call me Ero and I love living in my WORLD........ 8D.

Oh Nana love ME 8D emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

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Some Facts about me:

-Taken by iPaul v2.
-Married with him since December 14th, 2013 (Gaia)
-Going to have a baby with him c': (Due March-Abril)
-Addicted to zOMG (Hiatus)
-I am a Lover not hater
- A hopeless dreamer
- Admirer of art, I see art everywhere
- Photographer or at least try to be one, rather take photographies of nature/landscape than persons, why? I just found more amusement in it.
- Has a young soul
- Nature, music, books, dreams lover
- Outgoing but undisclosed in personal matters.
- Traveler, is the best way to scape out of routine and thoughts. I would go anywhere.
- I like new things, risky or not I would do them.
- English is not my main language.
- Once you tell me something that you don't want noone know it my lips will be sealed until the day I die. I don't have the right to tell the world other person's secrets.
- I am honest, I hate injustice and those who criticize others.
- I will love you for your soul, not for what you wear, how you look, where are you from, or your condition.


- Travel to Europe.
-Travel to NYC (Done)
- Travel to Japan.
-Travel to Egypt.
- Skin diving
- Parachute jump.
- Abseiling.
- Zip Line (Done).
- Doing an MBA (In process).
- Live happy ever after (5ever hopeless dreamer).
- Learn to ride a motorcycle.
- Learn other language besides english.
- Go in boat around niagara falls (Done).
- Make a difference in this world (Not sure how I will figure it out).
- Adopt a pet (Not buying just adopt a homeless pet).
- It will continue.......


I try to be positive all the time, but sometimes bad moments hit me really really bad. Anything you need I will be for you (I don't donate, so please don't ask) I do NOT accep random friend requests.

I love my friends and I will do anything for them, I'm patient but once I got disappointed of someone, nothing will be the same ever.

I don't accept random friend requests, If you are interested in know more about me then talk to me first? PM's and Comments are public so go ahead and hit me up 8D

I love avi art, I used be an art collector but since inflation is so high and I'm barely on this site anymore to make some gold I can't afford it anymore ;w;

To me the Music are those feelings that goes beyond spoken words...... So probablly you would know how I feel for the music on my profile/FB/Or w.e

English is not my main language so I'm sorry for my bad spelling/grammar, or if I confusse you lol (I tend do that a lot)

"αмα єт quσď νιѕ fα¢"


Mi amor its been 15 months since we have been together <3 I must say its been amazing! From how we meet on gaia then meet in person in dec-jan and then meeting again in june-july : D. I am so in love with you smilies/icon_xd.gif maybe sometimes crazy but its part of me loving you smilies/icon_ninja.gif you make me so happy, sometimes I just ask myself how do you do it? All the things you do even the smallest of things make me smile lol sounds corny but its true. Now we have our little one along the way and I cant wait until I can start my life with you and our little one C': im always thinking about how im going to be a dad xD its crazy! But in a good way. I couldnt believe it when you told me of how it started to move and to even hear its heartbeat was so touching! like oh man it makes me more impatient honestly,Imma be the best damn boyfriend/husband/Dad you both will ever want. so many thoughts run through my head each day about how we will be starting a family and it always puts a smile on my face. I love you both very much Lily. Mi amoooor! <3 I want that youll always be happy with me because I care a lot about your happiness and I will always make sure that you feel secure of me being there, to make you feel sure of our future.

Te amo mucho Lily


Today is our 14 month anniversary. First id like to say that I know I went to bed early on the night of our anni but I just wasnt feeling well.
Lily your life and mine are in for a change. I know things havent been as they used to be and I can only hope it will return to what I used to be. Believe it or not im still happy that I am with you even if you may not feel the same, I will wait because I want to be there, always wanted. Now I am pushed more into wanting because of the "unexpected issue" i dont see it as an issue but more of a blessing even though it will be hard. I love you and it hasnt changed, even though we havent been ourselves lately it doesnt mean that I would give up or anything. Time is off the essence and I know myself that I will better myself to the best of my ability. Of course words are just words and reading this may not seem much but I will sure, im working on it as we speak and hopefully itll kick in fast. Happy 14 months anniversary babe and I will continue to have hopes like I always have that things will work for the best for us.

Te amo...

HACK MOMENT smilies/icon_ninja.gif 6/28/13

Paul here, and I have come to brag about how amazing Ero is, hopefully I wont
end up spamming ;D. Ero is like the most sweetest person you could ever meet, so caring, lovable, beautiful emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif and like omg I envy her success >:U I am one lucky person to have Ero enter my life 8D!! I am done speaking...for now! < w< oh P.S she has a sexy accent smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


PAUL HERE just wanted to come and wanted to say IM SO GLAD that we are together, like I love this girl with so much passion it is as if we have known each other forever lol, TE AMO <3333 happy 1 month anniversary to you babe im so happy for the both of us and I know we can overcome many obstacles that come across our paths, IM SO DAMN LUCKY @ w@ I LOVE YOU


I have plenty idea of how much I love you, but the question is do you?
I've always been happy the time we spend together
I always think about how lucky I am to have you enter my life, and being an amazing girlfriend
words cannot describe the happiness and love that I have for you
So I always do my best to express it, and im glad you appreciate, I can see it in your smile which I love to see
You are very special to me, I have not loved anyone like this before

I thank you once again for the happiness you have given/shown in such little time
I am till this day very amazed at how much our love has grown and continues everyday
even in the darkest of times I am always glad to be the light that you seek, to be there in your hour of need providing strength and encouragement
I am forever thankful that you express,show and most importantly, give me your love and joy
I cherish every moment of it, all our laughs, jokes, messing around

My feelings for you are practically infinite and well you know how infinity is practically indeterminate

I love you Lily


or like.. TE AMO TE AMO TE AMO
im so glad we lasted 2 months thus far, and of course counting each day as we speak <3. im sorry if I seem so crazy but im just like really really happy, you make me like crazy happy
I am forever thankful for the love and care you show for me, and I find it amazing that I can..see a future with you.

I know there will always be downfalls here and there but we are both strong together and will do this.
I thank you once again for the amazing 2 months that ive spent with you and I have high hopes for the future


To my love..
Lily I probably have mentioned this many times before, but words can never describe for how much love I have for you.

I was so shocked at the gift you surprised me with...I am so happy because its like now everyday I will always have a part of you with me everywhere I go.
Im always happy being with you, talking and most of all skyping, when I see your smile and hear you laugh I always think to myself: " wow I am so lucky to have this amazing woman in my life"

Everyday my love for you gets stronger even if there are bad times that come around, but that is what strengthens our bond, our relationship.
I am always willing to give you my all no matter what.

you give me many reasons to love you these...unexplainable but yet satisfying feelings, being the person who you are. For instance your success, your outgoing-ness, your caring-ness, your determination, these are all bits an pieces as well as many other reasons that give me reason to call you the perfect girlfriend

I surely see a future with you, I have no doubts in my mind at all
I thank you for the amazing gift...and these amazing three months that I have been with you, even though it feels like much longer!

Hack moment smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

Hey all this be the novio of this amazing woman that I call mi amor emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
there are so many things that I can say about this amazing woman, like her motives, her creativity, her caring-ness, and ... just how she is as an individual..
I can never stop thinking how lucky I am to not only have meet this woman, but to have her by my side always, I love you so much ^ w^ lol you drive me crazy in many ways XD. Just know that you such a special woman to me Lily and you always give me the inspiration that I need to keep me moving forward.
I cannot wait until December to express all how I feel about you smilies/icon_heart.gif


Mi amor its been a fantastic 5 months with you and I really cant believe how strong our relationship has gone.
You always make me feel so special in ways that I cannot explain. I always look forward into spending each day with you and looking towards our future. Yeah we may have our ups and downs but its what helps our relationship grow. We have almost one month left until I get to finally hold you in my arms and really express all that I feel about you, I grow more impatient each day!! Like oh man ; w; December so close yet so far!
You are one of the many reasons why I always stay and feel at my highest point each day. El amor de mi vida I love you so much its just...an amazing feeling!
I love to see your beautiful face, hearing that cute laugh, your personality, you concerns and most of all, the fact that I can make you smile
Mi amor im glad that you entered my life and that im in yours even just talking to you can make my day <3
Also I cannot wait for our gaia wedding :'D lol its going to be such a memorable day for us both
I wish I could explain more but words can never describe my passion of love that I have for you

Happy 5 months Lily mi amor!!


Mi amor, mi vida...
Today is a very special day for you
The day you were brought to this world, allowing us to cross paths.
The day you get to enjoy living another year as it brings us closer to our life together in the future.
It is a time to congratulate yourself
For all your hard work, for all you have been through, and to be able to still stand up tall being successful
Something I constantly admire about you and envy it in a good way
It is a day where I am happy to celebrate with you and share the moment, It is a day, a moment to cherish

You are someone most people cannot find
Some search for all eternity, some end their searches too soon and
Some never give up.
You are the one I have been searching for..
I can honestly say that I am one lucky individual that you allow me to enter and stay in your life
The way you love me it is something Like never before that I feel
You are the definition of persistent
Always driving yourself and me to aim high, Always emitting your positive energy causing me to smile.
I too would have never thought we would be together , but everything happens for a reason and im thankful for it each day.
What you bring is the definition of courageousness and integrity
You know what to say in the right times with your optimism and your intelligence amazes me
You always know how to put a smile on my face even in the darkest of hours. We all go through harsh times, but its what makes us stronger.
I want to be with you for as long as we both live, I cant wait to conquer the world together since we have each other, eventually being able to call you, The perfect Wife.
Lily I want to finally wish you a happy birthday and I hope you enjoy it, celebrate it with the most fun you can have. I love you so much, with all my heart, el amor de mi vida

Te amo!! -Paul

12/7/2013 HAPPY 6 MONTHS smilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gifsmilies/icon_heart.gif
Lily it is always true that words can never describe my love for you
im just so glad that the love that we have is always constantly growing
I am always happy to know that you are apart of my life now and nothing is going to change my mind about the way I feel and think about you
Its a fantastic feeling being proud to call you my girlfriend and that you mention to all other how you are happily taken, you make me want to always stay by your side as im always willing to because "ill never be able to live without you"
I want to always keep this forever, I will always be thankful for all that you've done

I love you so much!!
Tu novio smilies/icon_cool.gif !


My Wife, The Perfect Wife

Today was one of the best days of my gaian life as well..
you have given me so much love that I could have never imagined
unexplainable feelings but in a good way..
In your heart I have found my love and I never want to lose it
This is indeed a promise that I want to forever keep because I know it is worth every minute of having you in my life.
Although it was just a gaian wedding, the meaning behind it means so much more and until the day where it will become reality..

I never want you to stop loving me because it is something I know I wont find again, putting me in a level of happiness like never before.
the two things that will always keep me going Lily is your happiness and love
Mi amor, mi vida, MI GAIA ESPOSA!!


Lily mi amor its been 8 months, and its also been about a 1 month since we have seen each other from when you came to New York. I have to say that I really look forward to such a special time like that to happen in the future. I love you with all my heart its really difficult to explain how much my love is for you.
Being in Brockport now, being busy it kind of sucks because we have less time with each other, making me miss you more and more, but the time we see each other on skype, I get so happy. Staring into your eyes is like being in a whole new world, now I also have memories of us to always go back to, to have. I love to remember all the places we visited, each day having a different meanings.
when you played this song for me on my birthday, our 2nd month.
I listen to it every now and then, its one of the favorite songs that you showed me.
one of my fav songs

I really have to say, you changed a lot of my perspectives, such as having more hope, the fact that there is someone out there for me which is you. You always motivate me even more than what I possibly do, pushing me forward; the way you show affection, the way you love me, babe I never want it to end, its just feelings that im addicted to
Thank you for these amazing 8 months Lily, I love you so much


Lily it amazes me that we have been together for so long, 10 months to be exact.
it surely feels like more... like years.
Every time I look at you, every time even speaking to you, I get this feeling inside
a feeling that tells me that you are the one for me.
To have such a feeling, it is not easy for anyone to gain, but you have allowed me to gain this feeling. The way you care for me, the way you show your love, the way we both are with each other.
I really look forward to seeing you this summer, I want to, I need to, you are my love,
my baby, my gaian wife and a girlfriend I could ever ask for.
Because of you, I never have to wonder why, youre the reason why I feel alive.
I think about it everyday, I can honestly say that I cant see myself with anyone else but you, I dont want to see myself with anyone else but you.
it will be a long journey for us both I know, but together we can survive so much, we have made it this far, we can never stop.

Te amo Lily, my baby


Lily, its been 11 months that I have been together with you, 11 whole months! almost a year... wow how time moves so fast huh?
I really hope time can actually go faster so I can already have you in my life everyday, to imagine being able to wake up by your side again each morning...
To imagine each kiss we shared with each other and to imagine more moments.
Never have I felt the need to let those feelings go, if anything, I want them to grow.
I always tell myself, " damn im in love with this woman and she shows how much she loves me/" I am always appreciative for all you do not only as a best friend but as my girlfriend. I really want us to last forever as well because its something I can always look forward to, the idea of it honestly makes me smile.
You never have given up on me even when times are harsh and you always give me reasons to stay, like I mentioned before, there are two doors where one is to keep going and the other is to give up, I never even thought of turning towards the direction of giving up because I have that much hope in us.
I will always do the best of my ability so that you can always love me more each day and never think twice of me, not to say you ever did, but I want to never lose you, you are someone who I really want in my life.
Happy 11 months Lily, I love you so much...

Lily I have known you for a long time, maybe not as long as your other friends and such but it feels like I have known you for ever.
However, exactly one year ago it was on zOMG when one day you and I went on our first date joking around at the boardwalk. We talked, we really got to know each other more personally, and I really grew more fascinated of the person you are.
It is amazing that who would have known that you would let me enter your life and allow me to love you in any way possible. The way we always play around with one another, calling each other things like nub or mofo and even when on skype how much fun we would have, I could skype for hours with you its an amazing feeling.
Through these 12months we have had many ups and downs, but of course we also had those special moments, my favorite of course was when we first met each other in New York city; the look of your face when you first saw me, your smile and how your eyes lit up, i will admit i was nervous but it only took a few minutes and after our first kiss I felt put in a perfect place with you. I remember how we spent our new years eve and new years day together, or even when we both were together on top of the empire state building and how you would hold me tight because of how cold it was up there; I had so much fun with you each and every moment. I want to keep fighting for what we have and are both striving for and keep being strong and everyday, I just always hope this will work.
I am not a perfect man or boyfriend I know that, but I always want to do what is best for you and try to be the best companion you will ever have because your happiness is very important to me, I really love you Lily and each day it just keeps on growing, I seem to get more attached. I love the way you love me, the way you care for me and I am always appreciative for all you do for me, even something as simple as telling me how much I mean to you and that you love me each day puts a smile on my face. I really cant get over the fact that its been one year already! Time moves so fast and I hope it keeps moving fast so each day can bring use closer together. A few weeks from now and I will have you in my arms again, I cant wait for more special moments with you...

You mean everything to me

Mi amor, mi vida, I just wanted to say that when I was able to see you again, it was such an amazing feeling. although we had bad communications at the airport, seeing your cute angry face made me smile haha. It might have been just one week that we were together but it really felt like forever, I will never forget all of the fun we have had and especially the things you have done to surprise me and make me smile. Each day was special, even being able to wake up next to you had made my mornings because you look so cute when you are sleeping. I really miss you because I wish we could have just spent more time together. one of my favorite days was when we went to the beach and we had so much fun in the water together, the way I would hold you and we would tell each other "Te amo". Another was the day of my birthday, not only because it was my birthday but how you made the day way better than I could have imagined and the night after my birthday of how you surprised me with gifts for me and a wonderful night. Of course in general, I had an awesome time but there were just those moments that just made me so happy. I love your smile, your laughs, the way you are so funny to be around with, I know that I will always have fun with you around, I love your beauty and most of all how you take care of me. It is the little things that you do and that I see in you that I know that you will always make me happy, I love you so much for that. I really want to see you again soon so we can record another chapter of our adventures together : ) I want to wish you a happy 13 months Lily, 13 fantastic months and going strong. Just remember how much you mean to me, how much more you motivate me and how much I love you, I want to always be the man that can make you happy and that you will know that I will always be there for you.

TE AMO LILY, Happy 13 months!!



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Yes you are nub. You're a Cyborg Lilith :I

eh. I went on CB that one day. Someone randomly gave me Anon gifts x6 and I said Might as well use is.
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Sorry baby, i lost my phone and there are a lot of things going on in my life that i only have time to log on to answer pm, so send me one sugar cake <3 i got another cell but it sucks and i can't have whatsapp, i'll keep you posted on that status. I love you wifey <3 PM BABYCAKES!

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congrats to you two
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I start next week.

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I'm good. Just waiting for school to start.
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Haha Thanks~ yes I feel much better xd
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semesters you have left?
Yeah its also rainy here, especially during afternoon. Planned to
go to the beach today, but it was cloudy all day, so I canceled the plan
and watch anime all day instead, while anticipating for the rain to fall.
It didn't rain at all. crying


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