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Name: i karen i
Real Name: Karen
Age: 23
Status: Single

Location: Philippines
Nationality: Filipino

Interest: Architecture, History, Archeology, Myths, Anime, Kpop
It would be nice if I could find a person who I share the same interests with
Plays a lot of online games and is online as much as possible
Chats along but a bit absent minded (no sense of humor)
Love me? I'd love you back. Hate me? well.. I don't really care

Love Interest: My fantasies that I love to share
Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto),Lee Jinki a.k.a. ONEW (SHINee), Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries), Myungsoo "L" (Infinite), Daehyun (B.A.P)

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red_fairy_004 Report | 12/31/2012 12:28 pm
hey!! sorry i dont get on here much anymore, but decided to get on today!! thanks for the christmas wishes! hope yours was good smile . ours was awesome, as my step-daughter got to come from arizona to spend 2 weeks with us, which have flown by as she will go back this friday sad . but it was nice to have her. she will get to be here the whole summer like always though smile .

happy new years eve and a happy new years to you all smile
enlightened recluse Report | 12/21/2012 9:37 pm
Haha. Oo nga. Naka-visit ka na po ng Bicol? blaugh
Kumusta ang bakasyon? whee
enlightened recluse Report | 12/19/2012 3:38 pm
hello po~ sensya ngayon lang nakareply. pwede rin naman. hehe. pero di kasi ako magaling mag-english. nakakahiya magpost dun. ^^'' taga bicol po ako. ikaw ate? :]
enlightened recluse Report | 12/17/2012 6:37 am
Hello hello! whee
Saw your posts sa holicheer thread ni iFawkJosh. Hehe. And dun ko nalaman na pinoy ka. 4laugh
Wala naman po, napadaan lang ako Ate. Hehe ^^
Aaaand! favorite mo rin pala ate ang shinee whee 4laugh
Sige po ate, nagiging madaldal na ako. Hehe. See you around po! wink emotion_yatta
red_fairy_004 Report | 10/07/2012 3:56 pm
hey! sorry, i have not been on lately. been playing my Sims 3 games smile lol. i will send you some pics when they get done, Denvers room is sooooooo cute!

yes i love rice, i thinks its delicous, my cousin has a friend from the philliepines (sorry i prob. spelled it wrong lol) who her mother would make rice for every meal and add sugar. ive never tried it with sugar, have you? here at our home, i love to make spaghetti with basil, chicken, i love sushi raw & cooked, seafood, and i love veggies cooked in with my dishes, and i love a good soup smile . like tonight im making white chicken chili, its starting to get a bit colder here so this is mostly about the time i start making chili, stews, and homemade hot chocolate
minny1313 Report | 09/05/2012 9:03 am
Hello fellow Inspirit! blaugh 3nodding Cool avi too btw yum_puddi
red_fairy_004 Report | 08/28/2012 9:41 am
for herbs yes, they are so easy to grow. really? i love to cook lol, you should try rachel rays 30 minuete meals, super easy and very yummy! you can find her on foodnetwork.com or on the foodnetwork channel!

my kids are doing great, audrey started the 1st grade this year sad , but she loves school! at the end of kindergarten she was already almost at a 2nd grade reading level. she is doing well in spelling and writeing too! Denver we have been trying to potty train with no luck lol. both of there rooms are being done. denver loves disney pixar movie cars. he loves cars period! lol. im painting a mural of radiotor springs from the movie on one of his walls, and the rest is a cars border. Audrey did have disney princess but she has always wanted disney tinkerbell. my mother kinda bought the princess stuff for her and even though she likes them, she likes tinkerbell better smile so alot of construction and decorating around here! decorated the living room, painted and decorated the kitchen, bathroom was completely gutted (removed) and done completly diffrent and the lay out of the room is diff. used to have to go through the kids rooms to go to the bathroom now we go through the living room. alot better!
my husband has been very bus on the house and such, working alot. which he works for my dad, as my dad owns a machine shop that he inherited from his father. just wish he didnt have to work so much, he works from 8am-6pm mon-fri, rarely he has to work on saturdays, only if there is a rush job
xC a r i n o Report | 08/16/2012 8:49 am
good evening.
how are you darling?
xC a r i n o Report | 08/16/2012 8:29 am
xC a r i n o Report | 08/11/2012 7:10 pm
Ohhh. G'morning.
And yes, I love anime too.
I love all asian culture actually. c:

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