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If you want to send a friend request its better if you get to know me, or let me know to send you one [of course if I approve emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif ] I disabled request being sent to me because of:
1) zOMG random people smilies/icon_xp.gif
2) random requests in general

[Items on my wishlist that have "bought" means that ive had the item once before NOT that i still might have it, i just like to keep track]

Proud 2007 exchanger/Vender

I dont really get on gaia as much, you can say I only go on for particular friends

- Currently in college major is Accounting with a Minor in Math
- name is Paul smilies/icon_xd.gif
- I am taking by my beautiful and most amazing girlfriend Lily smilies/icon_heart.gif
- yes I am gaia married to her since dec 14th 2013
- we are going to have a baby together!! >w< how exciting!
- I am forever questing art of her and I
- im an outgoing person,but don't get on my bad side smilies/icon_xp.gif
- Sport that i play the most/love: Handball (american)
- I love math and coffee smilies/icon_whee.gif smilies/icon_xd.gif
- I usually like to exchange, im more of a retired vendor [ too lazy to memorize prices and all that emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif ]

* Im trying to become an accountant with a CPA and at the same time possibly teach math at a university

I love to play zOMG, I usually DMS be exact. I am a good crew listener and I can aggro for yellow maze [ym] and can kite in Green maze/rooms [GM/GR] i'll be happy to help the new DMS'ers but only if you cooperate and also have all your buffs at least 10.0

10/7/13 emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

Four months have been passed already, For wonderful months with you. I hope to be the firsts of a lot more time together.

Thanks for being by my side to encourage me to keep going and encourage me to be a better person .
For have my back so we can make our dreams be true of being always together.

You really make ​​you think and imagine a future together. I can't wait to be with you.

I love you so much that waiting sometimes becomes sad, but do not worry mi vida , te amo, and that
gives me strength to face in my life all obstacles.

You know? You're the air I breathe , faith in love, and my love song ...
Even when you're not here now I 'll take you with me always ,
with promises and with a love I never thought I would , which is filling my existence.

You are the most beautiful and really special thing that have happened to me.
You don't know how much pain , tears and suffering I went through to find you
and I thank God that you're my happiness, the reason why I smile every morning and look be better every day.

There is nothing more important to me but to make you happy and take care of the love between the two
so that nothing or noone can damage it.

Baby if you knew , if you only make imagine how my heart feels right now,
throbbing in a way so sweet , so tender with warm heat, that what makes your love for me .

I want to see in your eyes telling me that you love me without saying a word and
confirm it with a tender kiss that steals my reason and sense of the passage of time.

You're the only man I ever loved in this way and I don't think I could live without you now anymore.
-Lily smilies/icon_heart.gif


Have an idea of ​​how much I love you?
This time we have shared together has been so wonderful,
I don't know where I should begin to thank you the beautiful things you made me feel.
With you I feel complete, because you make me feel unique and special.

I feel I should thank you for becoming someone so special to me,
because you have given so much in so little time.
I want to offer each and every one of my feelings,
because there is nobody better than you to protect them.
The way you look at me is so fascinating,
I'm sure you know all my secrets now, as I know yours.

Don't know what will happen with us,
but I'll keep putting everything in my power to preserve
and increase the trust that exists between us.
Because I have the certainty that I'll never find someone like you.

I want to be by your side every day, every hour.
I wish you always find in me what you want,
because nothing would make me happier than to know
that you need me in the same way I do.

My feelings for you are so big, I'd go to the end of the world just to prove it.

I Love you...


Mi amor, almost 6 months together and feel like 6 days .

Every day you make me experience new things inside me.

The love I feel for you is so infinite and pure that never thought
I would feel something like this again.

,And I'm glad that after all I been through I never stop to have faith in find someone to fill me in all aspects . And I found the person where I would never imagined .

We were friends for a long time and never cross me my mind the idea of you and me together, The destiny it's something funny, so unexpected and it surprises you in so many ways. So this time I was surprised in a good way.

Who would have thought that I would come to love that person who used to call "nub " that person I considered my friend and nothing more.

I always thought you were a great person and you had your feets down to earth and tapeworms clear what you wanted to do with your life , something I always liked about you

And just one day , talking more and more you made me fall in love with you, with your sense of humor, your strength , your ideals, your values, just everything about you.

You let me get into your life and in your heart and I really appreciate that because that's where I want to stay .

It is true that we have had our bad moments , but we know what we want and we will overcome any challange that comes our way, because you give me a lot of strength .

I know nothing and no one will stand in our way to have our guture together.

I am deeply in love with you , you give me encouragement to continue . I just love the way you love me .

You're a staunch friend, a wonderful boyfriend , a passionate lover and I know you will be a fantastic husband.

I want my life with you, because now I know that is not man in this world for me but you.



Words can't describe all my love for you I just want you know that I always will be at your side no matter what. You are my whole world and want that keep been forever. You are the man of my dreams, all I want and all I need

This lyrics describe how I feel about you, you make me so happy in every way. I'm so thankfull to be called your girlfriend c':


I give you my waist,
and my lips for whenever you want to kiss them.
I give you my madness
and the few neurons that I have left.

My faded shoes,
the journal in which I write in,
I’ll even give you my sighs,
but don’t you leave any more.

Because you are--my sun--
the faith that I live with,
the strength of my voice,
the feet that I walk with.

You are, love,
my will to laugh,
the goodbye that I won’t be able to say
because I’ll never be able to live without you.

If one day you decided
to get away from here again
I would close every door
so you would never be able to leave.

I’ll give you my silences
I’ll give you my nose
I’ll even give you my bones
But stay here.

Because you are--my sun--
the faith that I live with,
the strength of my voice,
the feet that I walk with.

You are, love,
my will to laugh,
the goodbye that I won’t be able to say
because I’ll never be able to live without you.



My Hubby.

Today was one of the greatest day of my gaia life c:
I want to say that I was so happy, even when was
gaia wedding, I see this more like a promise for us
that someday that will happen in real life.

You have shown me how much I mean to you and
how much you love me and I want to show the same.

You have giving me love and faith that I never imagined.

Te amo mucho and with this I promise you that I will be
always at your side, no matter what. I will love you until
the day I die. I want spend the rest of my life with you and
want make you the happiest man ever.

You are my reason to smile everyday and now I don't
see a future without you.

TE AMO PAUL ♥ Mi amor, mi vida, mi cielo, mi todo <333



I will remember this day as one of the happiest in my life.

Seeing you approaching towards me on the airport, with your
nervous self.

The first think I thought was “I hope he likes me” I wasn’t sure
at the beginning because well you took long to even hug me
but there we were together in person, your silly way to ask me
for a kiss/kiss me still make me giggle, was so cute. I was so
shy and nervous. Our first picture was there.

But it took only a couple of hours to you make me feel so comfortable
around you, it was like if I have known you for so long ago, like
if we have been together irl for so many time. Was a short time
but it felt like so long. Every day was perfect; I loved ever second with you.

You made me smile and laugh so much and I just love how we are
with each other.

I love you so much Paul and the fact we met in person made me fall inlove even more with you if that is possible.

Explore the city with you was so fun, but I could stay in one place with you without get bored.

You showed me so much love, so much caring. I felt safe with you,
protected and loved. I’m so sure that I want to spend the rest of my
life with you, and I know you will fight for me and look forward for a future together as I will too. I just want that time come soon. Because babe,
I can’t see my life without you anymore.

When I’m with you the persons around us just disappeared, and is
just you. I don’t regret about anything I found in you a friend and a lover,
the man of my life.

Was really sad to say goodbye, but I’m sure we will be together again, and I hope that day come soon.

Te amo Paul



Is hard to express how happy you make me feel,
I just want to thank you for all you have done for me
and be always there when I need you.

I believe in you and I believe in our love and I'm sure
we can make it. You are the perfect man for me and
you are all I want and need.

My hubby, my best friend. I love you so much and can't wait to
keep celebrating more months, years with you until the both of us
grow as an old couple but loving you as much as I do now.

Mi amor you are everything to me, you are all I could ask for and
I will even fight against the world to be with you.

You are part of me already, part of my world and I want that forever.

You truly changed my world. Together is my favorite place to be <3

I want to spend my lifetime loving you ♥

TE AMO PAUL!!!!!!!



Mi amor, I know this day can be like any other.

I just want to take this day to tell you how much you mean to me.
I know that we have been through rough and bad moments,
but my feelings for you have never changed, if anything I love you more every day.

I really want to spend the rest of my life with you and I want that in a future,
we will be able to spend every day together celebrating not just important days,
but also celebrating each day that I can be at your side.

I want to love you for the rest of my life; I want to grow old with you and even
like that still loving you. I will love you even after life.

You are everything I have been looking for and everything I want to have in my life.
Each day you push me forward to be better and I know that together we will be able
to have a future.

Every night I go to sleep I think about you,
in those lips that kissed me, kisses that I will never forget, those eyes full of love when you looked at me ,
in that warm embrace I felt whenever you hold me in your arms.
I love the little details that you maybe didn’t notice but that meant everything to me.

I want those moments come back again. Is really tough because I really miss you,
but I want to fight for us and never let go all this we have.
For me Valentine’s Day is like any other, you know why?
Because every day I live in love with you.




Paul mi vida, mi cielo

I know I didn't wrote this post on time but I want my love for you is record on every month that I spend at your side.

My love for you grow every day.

Every time we kiss I swear I could fly, I want you in my life and I want this to last forever.

You have giving me amazing feelings and I love it, I miss every part of you, I don't want to leave all this behind , we are having the time of my life.

Paul mi amor I love the way you make me feel when I'm around you.

Thats why stay with me.... ♥



Paul, I really hate that I missed this amazing day which is 11 months of been together,
with all we been through this past days I think we just forgot about it.

I want you always be sure about what I feel about you even when sometimes I just say or do things that are not right.

I really have think about everything and of what you asked me to think about it and I understand all.

But I really want you to know that you make me really happy even in our bad times I never want to leave,
I can't be without you because I don't even want imagine that.

I want us to last forever, I really want to spend my life with you, I love you for who you are and for all you do for me.

Even when sometimes is hard to understand me you are always there for me,
I know I'm complicated and sometimes difficult to get along but you never have given up with me,
not even a time and I really appreciate that,
I'm still afraid sometimes but not about your feelings for me I'm just afraid of all I feel but I need put that to aside
and live the present with you and this amazing love we have for eachother.

I promise you this time will be different because I never want this to end.

There ain't no way I'm letting you go now, I can see you with me when I'm older.

When you are with me the world just goes away, the way you hold me, the way you show me,
the way you adore me, when you kiss me I know you really love me without doubt.

Te amo mucho Paul and from this moment on I will be just yours in soul, mind and body.



One year ago today you asked me to be your girlfriend,
even when we knew each other since long time before
I would never imagine that you and I would come to be together,
never crossed my mind for a second but you was the most
unexpected wanted thing that ever happened to me.

In this relationship I have learned a lot, you taught me to see my faults
and how and why I should get better.

You've made me be a better person and have more goals in my life,
it is certainly something I've shared with you.

You discovered how beautiful my heart is and I found out how
wonderful it is to love someone and be loved in return,
and in spite of our differences and obstables, our love always
come over all that and keep going forward.

Thanks for being so patient with me; I know I'm not an easy person,
but still you have never given up and I have remained calm.

We both know that our situation is difficult and it is becoming more to me because
my desire to be with you every day and share every moment at your side growes more,
but you have shown me confidence and it helps me to not give up.

I would like to tell you many things in a thousand ways to let you know how much I love you,
but I can't find the way how to do it.

Met you, love you and desire you are things that are present in me every day.

Right now I feel a great emotion that encompasses my whole being,
quite simply by the fact that I'm with someone who I LOVE and that love
gets bigger over time and it is infinite.

I hope our love lasts much longer and everyday gets more strengthened.



Mi amoooooor!!!!!!!!!

There are no words that can describe all the love I feel for you

We just back to see eachother I would wish we could have spend this day together but I already spent a really special day c: Your birthday! and that makes me super happy. I hope you enjoyed it >n< I did my best to surprise you.

I spent a great time with you, with you everything is so easy I really can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I never get tired of kissing, hugging and joking around with you.
I can be myself and I can be silly around you and love laughing with you about the simple thing, even if is about bully you or others lol

I can't wait to see you again, I can't wait to kiss you again, ahhh is like I miss you so much

All this time with you just make me be more sure that you are the one for me. TE AMO MUCHO MI AMOR!!!!!



Babe I just found your hack on my profile lol was really sweet and it made me tear, I didn't knew also that you wrote on August, I was just... so frustrated and scared.
First of all I'm sorry for everything Paul, I did and said a lot of things that I shouldn't, and even thinking as an issue.
I'm really happy we have done it all this time together, I'm happy that you came into my life, our relationship haven't been easy, when I start dating with you I was affected and not long ago I was, but you never left.
I'm trying still letting go and like you said will be the best thing that could happen.
Anyway now I can focus just on the three of us. Mi amor even when at the beginning I didn't took it really well now I feel really blessed, to having you and our little baby growing up.
I smile a lot too when think about it, I feel extremly happy that we created this life with our love, I feel so happy that you are the dad of the child Im carrying. You have prove me that you want the both of us and you would do everything for us, babe I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend and dad of our child.

You are truly amazing and unique I can't wait to have our family, to spend the rest of my life with you and our baby, and the future ones lol.

I thank god that put you in my way even when the complications that might seen (as not be able to be together everyday) but that will change someday soon I hope.

Mi amor I'm so so so so happy, honestly I never thought I would feel this kind of happiness ever, for you and for our baby.

Te amo mucho!!!



Mi amor bello this is a delay hack because te amo ;w;
I can't believe we are going to enter in other step of our life I'm sure that we will do our best to make this work

Is only 5 more days until I see you again I really can't wait for that be able to hug you and kiss you and just be with you, will be for a short time but Im sure we will get to see eachother more often.

Thank you for loving me for who I am, you have never let me fall no matter how hard things get for us, you are always there for me to pick me up.

I will try be a better girlfriend and a better wifey.

Te amo Mucho Paul and I never would regret be with an amazing person as yu are.

You have prove me how important we are to you and that you would do anything for us no matter how hard it might be, I loveyou for that and for so many things.

Can't wait to finally can live toghether the 3 of us

Te amo mucho!



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When....That b***h tried to play you. That.....b***h tried to play me.

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Guess what....I made that b***h fight me. Send this to all your real friends...that you know got your back.... If you receive this back....Your a true down b***h"

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