My name is Billy.

I'm sorry but I don't seem to care for alot of other people now-a-days. People only seem to come by when its convenient. I don't have many friends on here. And I'm okay with that. If you know me well, then you'll know that I change my music a lot.

Based on how I'm feeling at the time. It honestly seems to take a lot to make me think that you would stand out from the others. I don't know what else to say for the moment.

This is what I look like.

Look who was here..

Rinawska on 07/25/2014
Bum Sax on 07/25/2014
Little__Fawnn on 07/24/2014
Nerimei on 07/23/2014
TheLastPandaKong on 07/22/2014
l Screamy l on 07/21/2014
R3gretfuI on 07/21/2014
Sarcasm Intensifies on 07/20/2014
FemaleEnthusiast on 07/19/2014
Orgasmic Sex Spork on 07/17/2014
I3eliever on 07/16/2014
Vendz 4 Life on 07/15/2014
xCUTLoveRx on 07/15/2014
Edzal on 07/14/2014
ToyJonny on 07/13/2014
bat lungs on 07/12/2014
Vintage Spring on 07/09/2014
Oplala wipi on 07/07/2014
equilor on 07/05/2014
tanziy on 06/29/2014

Wanna be friends?

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