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My Daughter Gave me this song and Said "Mom this song reminds me of you" v.v

My Fan Club ;) I see YOU <3

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Sly Savarin Report | 07/23/2014 5:49 pm
Gaia is not like it used to be.
New people are working there these days. Gaia has gone down hill since a year or two ago. or three.
I only here for friends really. If they leave then so will I.
Sly Savarin Report | 07/22/2014 11:20 pm
Ohhh.. well they're jerks in my opinion DX
Si1ent Panda Report | 07/22/2014 8:07 pm
I dont really spend much any more. just now and then and its on cheep items. i have been trying to save for something i may really like .
oh no that sucks was it a bad burn?
Sly Savarin Report | 07/22/2014 5:07 pm
They were sorry that it is permanent?
They are just confusing. But I'm glad you can still be around with your alt ^_^
1littlewolfy Report | 07/22/2014 2:06 pm
Thanks for your recent purchase! biggrin
Si1ent Panda Report | 07/21/2014 11:01 pm
I hear that i seem to be stuck at 40b
Sly Savarin Report | 07/21/2014 6:26 pm
Heh, I see. That is totally unfair that they can be invisible.
I can be somewhat invisible myself. was their name hidden also?
Si1ent Panda Report | 07/21/2014 5:10 pm
yea thats because they keep rerelasing the older stuff. but the new stuff i am looking at is limited items.
lets cross fingers that some day they come out again. hehehe. or i get rich between now and then lmao.
PrincessMisaki07 Report | 07/21/2014 1:06 pm
thanks for buying from my shop!

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Si1ent Panda Report | 07/21/2014 10:34 am
oopps sorry, i am confused. lol
sometimes it does not take much.
omg i so hate gaia right now. they just came out with three items i really want and omg
the price i bet of them all will be outrages.

I'm A Mystery :

Hi! Liked to be called FiZz or Tears smilies/icon_heart.gif

Birthday May 2nd.
About meh:

Yuh I'm Adult!

I'm old Gaian there's many of us. Been here since "07" Still enjoying gaia <3
I'm very shy and hard to get to know. Keep trying. Once you crack open the first shell it be whole new ball game ;]
I'm single parent that has children yuppers hard believe but I do smilies/icon_heart.gif ..
Taken to Amazing Guy!
Never to old to be on here js ;] I have 3 best-friend on here <3 there amazing
[b]Behind the Avi~ My DNA That would be me.

Must have a Silly Pic to lol <winks>



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Yes, I'm a Female ^-^

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