My name is DAVE. It is an UNSEASONABLY WARM April day. My BEDROOM WINDOW is open to let some air in, and my FAN is cranked. Arguably even more cranked would be my FLY BEATS, which brings us to my variety of INTERESTS. A cool dude like me is sure to have plenty. I have a penchant for spinning out UNBELIEVABLY ILL JAMS with my TURNTABLES AND MIXING GEAR. I like to rave about BANDS NO ONE'S EVER HEARD OF BUT ME. I collect WEIRD DEAD THINGS PRESERVED IN VARIOUS WAYS. I am an AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER and operate my own MAKESHIFT DARKROOM. I maintain a number of IRONICALLY HUMOROUS BLOGS, WEBSITES, AND SOCIAL NETWORKING PROFILES. And if the inspiration strikes, I won't hesitate to drop some PHAT RHYMES on a mofo and REPRESENT.

What will you do?

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