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Know what i honestly dont care anymore and i am going to be completely honest here. I love this girl, yea many of you reading this might say "You say that to everyone, you dont mean it" Nah i mean it this time. This girl has been my best friend, my closest friend, the best person i have ever met, yea we had our fights, yea we had our disagreements, but we fixed it all, I've looked past all that for the reason that she makes me smile everyday when we talk, she makes me laugh, and even though we're not together i am going to be faithful to you from now on, i am going to wait for you cause without you theres nothing. I love you Megan, youre my other half and i wish you the best. I'm glad you took your time to talk to me, I'm glad that you looked past through all my flaws and imperfections. You're the only one from now on. I am writing this here for everyone to see so they know that i am no longer in the market for anyone, that i am only yours.

As each and everyday passes my sorrow fades away and my love towards you gets stronger, im happy i met you and im happy that you stuck by my side through thick and thin, you are my best friend and my one and only true love. Youre my beginning.. Forever and always yours..