The ubertastic Chilleh.
I'm not emo. Emo is a type of music, smarty. I just liked this profile. >3

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Dream avatar complete. Thanks everybody. =]
Haiii. I'm ChillyDog. I luff Anime of all kinds so feel free to mail me and we can talk about it ^^
After being recently hacked, I'm trying to rebuild a loss of about 110k. Help? x)
My old account was ChillehDawg.

I get happy really easy. Giving me a bag of chips (In real life) could make my day.
It's hard to get me pissed.
I never cry.
I don't care what people say or think.
I work hard.
I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.
I like being weird.
I like randomly dancing.
I doze off alot.
I'm nice. I don't bite. ;]
I don't like sob stories. Because half the time they are made up.
I play the trumpet and guitar.
I like to shine my trumpet.
I'm known for shining my trumpet.
My trumpet is shiny
My guitar doesn't need to shined.
But I shine it anyway.
I like to be gangster.
But I'm not.
But I do it anyway~
I like Keane. Alot.
Tom Chaplin is niceee in tight panttsss
Oh yes.
My Chemical Romance is tah smex.
Will Smith is a great actor. Watch his movies and shows.
Be amazed.
Kanye West is the best and you know it.
His beats are amazing.
His logo is a teddy bear and I think that it's cute~
I can fall asleep in the weirdest things.
I like to say the weirdest things.
My lipgloss IS popping.
I have alot of lipgloss.
I like to be original.
But I can't.
Because the haterrs copy me.
But I do it anyway.
I type fast.
I wear contacts.
They are squishy.
I'm known for making the best poems.
I am the best of the best.
Yo yo yo.
Get jiggy wit it.
But don't get all jiggity snap with me.
I'm brave enough to go up to a random person, look at them in the eyes and say 'I love you'. When I don't even know them.
I'm never embarassed.
I have a cute bunny named Jingles.
He is cute. And soft.
I call him my 'Boo-Boo Bear'.
Because I do.
I have seven hamsters.
They are my hamz.
I fall asleep easily.
But I can stay up late~
I'm willing to do a "All nighter" With any of my friends.
I can tap dance. x)
I have over 100 chapsticks and lipglosses.
I'm not girly if that is what you think.
I call random people my son. No matter what their gender is.
I'll pat you on the head and smile then run away screaming weird things.
I run into things.
I have laugh attacks.
I smile alot.
I have alot of jewelry.
I like to show my bling bling for my homies.
Why yes, I know I'm
Don't hate appreciate. :'o
Mail me for more of my randomness. And a friend.

(Frequently asked questions)

Q: Do you like ChilliDog's?
A: Only if there made from mi mama. :'D That's my nickname except it's spelled ChillyDog..or ChillehDawg......Or Just Chilleh.....

A: OKIES!11 GIME GLD 4 IT!smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

Q: Can I send you a PM or leave you a comment?
A: Yes! Please do! I love to talk. ;3

-BBQ ribs. I could eat those for the rest of my life. ;o
-Meat. It tastes really good and suprisingly good for you.
-BBQ sauce. I could eat that stuff plain. Yep. I'm a BBQ sauce abuser. <33
-Fuzzy things. c: They make me smile and are fuzzy.
-Electronics. Eh...they are addicting and fun.
-Squishy things. I collect them in real life. Their squishy. c:
-Shiny things. Pretty, fun to look at, and most likely rare.
-Animals. Cute fuzzy things of joy. (Some might not be fuzzy but still cute right...?smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif)
-My friends and family. Peeps, I don't know what I would do without them.
-Toying with beggers. Be warned, once you beg, I can annoy you so much you will never,I repeat, NEVER want to talk to me again. Tis is what I do best. 8D
-Gaiaonline.com It's a uber site with a good point. I love it.
-Music I can't live without it. c:

-Copycats. I mean, how the feck am I supposed to be original when they are around....? I hate them.
-Hackers and scammers. They aren't too nice either.
-Braggers. I find out that the only way they feel nice is by bragging. Hate it.
-Weenieheads. Don't be one. ;(
-Country music. It blows my eardrums, people. And you don't want me to die, do you? D:
-Needles. I would rather get surgery than a needle poked in me.
-Hot weather. Makes me all sweaty.smilies/icon_gonk.gif

LOOKZ AT ALL THE CUTE SHIZZ.:3 Yes I'm a cute shiz whore. D:
But don't be hatin'.smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif

Chibi by me. ;D No stealin.smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif


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Avatar Art.

Make me some arts people. <33

I really like avatar art so if you are interested in drawing my avvie please message me. If I really like your art I'm willing to buy it from you for a good price. ;D



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le norm

Report | 08/19/2009 12:10 pm

le norm

U have an adorible avi.... im just browsing

Report | 04/16/2008 9:06 pm


Holy hell it's been awhile.

I have switched accounts.

This is Chilleh! <3
The Rainbow Skeleton

Report | 02/26/2008 2:59 pm

The Rainbow Skeleton

Phantom of the Ocarina

Report | 02/09/2008 9:01 pm

Phantom of the Ocarina

Chilleh ;w;

Report | 12/31/2007 4:54 pm


[Fansigns: 400g]

-eats cookies on your profile-


Well, hi there.

-munch munch-


Be c0ol.

Eat sVVeet.

<3 l!ife.

Report | 12/25/2007 4:36 pm


Cool avatar.......^_^
W o p p a H

Report | 10/14/2007 4:39 am

W o p p a H

RaAaNnDdOoMm CcOoMmMmEeNnTt<3
Daddy Johnson Mame

Report | 10/13/2007 12:57 am

Daddy Johnson Mame

Ohhh! You look too cool. <3

Report | 10/11/2007 5:06 pm


Where have u been?

Report | 10/07/2007 8:17 am


If your looking for Kankuro look for a guy called Kankuro of the Sand


This sounds like a job for.....Ninja Pig~!