Lalalal, Look, I scroll down o:

    -Soft spoken

    Now that i got this straight let's move on. You sure you wanna read this?

    ♫I am Kay. My middle name is Flame. So, I am seventeen. I feel like five.
    My two obsessions. Music & Photography. Music only makes me stronger. Photography creates my world.
    If you are expecting any form of greatness here I suggest you leave my page. I am just your average girl.
    My real parents were proven incapable to raise me.
    I am an Atheist. Or, I am still looking for a sign from God.
    I don't give a ******** about many things. First, for your opinion about me.
    I have a wild heart and you can't break it.
    You were born an original don't die a copy.
    I am who i am because of the choices I made yesterday.
    I am this girl no one notices or anything.
    I have no direction in my life and I've never been happier.

    If you are reading this. . . congratulations. You are alive. If, that is not a reason to smile then what is?

    This world doesn't make any sense to me anymore.
    The people I love let me down always.
    I don't trust easily.
    You know my name not my story so you have no idea how I feel so Shut the ******** Up.
    I am proud of my heart cause it was played,beaten & broken but it still works so far.
    My attempts to communicate are destroyed by my stupidity and saying too much.
    My mind doesn't shut up when i want to.
    I am a happy puppy. Or, i try very hard to give you that impression. c:
    I am an ugly girl living in a "pretty" world.
    Nothing is too great or too perfect about me.
    I have many flaws.
    In the end of the day. . .,I am just me. If, you don't like me then go away.
    Any criticisms? Not welcomed. If, you wanna know anything go ahead and ask.

    Sorry, I only scroll up now. c:

My best man <3

Where do I begin with you D:. . ., You're just a sweetheart that I enjoy being around with. You rejoined into my life and it's been so much better with you. You're my stress reviler. ., I'm happy we found each other again,our up and down friendship is just going into a line. ., somewhere down the line we just didn't stick anymore. ., but slowly the glue is starting to harden again.I hope we never fade away.♥



From smooth sailing.
To foggy, rocky roads.
I won't be faked by my reflection.