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    Name/ Kay ( Or you may call me by one of my many nicknames )
    Age / Seventeen
    Sometimes I like to dream about my perfect world. in that world, I would not have to work two jobs and I could sleep all day. Also in that perfect world, I would have a boyfriend to cuddle and sing "if My Heart Was A House" to me. It would be mild in the summer, warm in the autumn (But not too warm). Cold with heavy snows in the winter, and a beautiful spring. The snows in winter would be so heavy, they would shut down everyone in their house and everyone would sit together close to the fireplace and talk about their childhood, and silly things they used to dress up for halloween. Ina perfect world,their would be no more sadness, and my scars would be faded away completely. Everyone would be happy, and there would be no more feuds about politics and religion, and all that other crazy stupid stuff. Everyone would get along and it would just be peaceful

    The girl behind the screen~ We come from different size, shape, and ages. But we stand together strong as the cold blizzard.




Best Brother c:

Psh. . , so many things I can type about that will never end. . . , I don't know where I'd be with out at this point of my life. ., I know I scare you but. ., I guess that's what sister's do right? . ., I love being around you and you always make me happy. . , Just hate how you can read me like a book it's harder to keep things away from you. . , Three years and we've grown strong c:. ., I want it to keep it this way and nothing tear us apart. .thank you for being there for me I love you brother <3 and always will.

His kitty ^w^

You might think this is stupid but I'm afraid that one day I'll wake up and you'll be gone, that you won't be mine.Only because in my dreams do good things happen and then I wake up disappointed with reality. You're so great, the greatest thing that's happened to me. I don't want you to be gone like the things in my dream

[i]4-16-14 ♥[i]