-Soft spoken

    I talk lowly of everyone, including myself. I find destruction and chaos to be beautiful. I'm a very negative person. All of the time. I don't know what's it's like to be happy. People assume I'm emo, however I don't like to label myself. And I don't prefer people labeling me. I always seem to have horrible anxiety, and I have awful social skills, which leaves me with a very small amount of friends. I'm single and prefer to keep it that way. I hate being around a group of people. Even ones I love, it sometimes can be overwhelming. I'm very paranoid. I fear people are always talking about me. There are very few things that even make me remotely happy. I prefer the night than the day. I prefer the rain than the sun, and I would take being alone than being surrounded by idiots.
    Go ahead and ask me a question. This thing isn't even on my horizon anymore and neither are most of the people here, so I might answer you, I might not.

    ♫I am Kay. My middle name is Flame.So, I am seventeen. I feel like five.

    She lives in the darkest part of the shadows, watching everyone in happiness and love while she live sad and all alone in the darkness. When the sun go's down and everyone is fast asleep in there bed she comes out of the shadows to walk alone on the earth. Looking for her missing lover look in all the place's where she could find love. She's cursed with a wing that appears when someone get's a little to close to him, but slowly the wing start to fall apart while the heart of the person who love's her slowly starts to die.

Best Brother c: ♥
Three years and we've grown strong c:.

From smooth sailing.
To foggy, rocky roads.
I won't be faked by my reflection.