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-Gay / taken
-Names Matt
-You can call me Matt, Mattie, MatMat, Asphyx, or what ever you feel like haha
-Me in all my nerdiness |
-I'm an easy going person, say hi and i'll say hi right back. I won't hurt you xD I think you could easily take me out.
-I'm a bit slow at times....so i'm sorry in advanced haha.
-Kind of Hiatus. Don't get on much :<

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Always buying art c": pm me.

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xBread is mine emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif


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Report | 01/10/2014 12:53 am


Avoiding my question wont make me stop asking babe.
I'm serious. I miss having you here with me.

I'll see you tomorrow.
I love you, Mattie.
Good night.

Report | 01/05/2014 8:29 pm


Lol Babe, if you want them keep them. Don't sell what you actually want to keep wink you might regret it later.

Shh bby my money is your money emotion_awesome I know how much you hate the exchange haha I have no problem giving to you.

Report | 01/05/2014 7:54 pm


Eep. ; o ; heart heart heart
I saw you in the art thread, so I thought I would pop in to say hiii~

D'aw. Thank yooooou! By the way, if you're looking for great art at an amazing price Moshii-o and Izumi Hisagi do great art. I'm never dissapointed with them.

Report | 01/05/2014 7:53 pm


Lol just sell the items you never use that are sitting on your account.
emotion_drool you have some expensive s**t you never even use that could earn a decent amount without having to vend.

wink Bby you just need to ask and I'll give you has much as you want.

Report | 01/05/2014 7:43 pm


oh gosh, you're adorable. we should be adorbs together.


Report | 11/14/2013 12:12 am


Nope problemo Mattio baby ;]
Just stay out of the exchange and I'll get you Beyond soon.
Don't need you ob'ing me on an item for you
rofl I'm trying to get it low babe.
Might wait till tomorrow night though. : d

Report | 11/14/2013 12:04 am


Dipstick I was buying that for you rofl you just ob'd me on an item I was getting for you.
Ex0tic Heavenly Rose

Report | 03/07/2013 10:57 am

Ex0tic Heavenly Rose

Happy belated birthday gaia_diamond
I Art Monster I

Report | 09/06/2012 1:55 pm

I Art Monster I

cool avi
Fus Roh Duh

Report | 07/29/2012 1:30 am

Fus Roh Duh


I really liked your avatar and profile so that's why I asked.


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Socially Awkward
I'm an awesome awkward blow fish
...on the inside > <

I Art Monster I is my best friend c":

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*not good at keeping a conversation if my life depended on it "OTL
Sorry if I come off as stand offish, I don't mean to. ^ ^"
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