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Star Killer Down!
and I'm taking you down with me

■▫ I am the Art Monster. Also go by Amon.
Updated 4/3/2017

★↘The basics
- I work a 12 hour job. Weird rotation so my on and off days are weird but set...in a stupid weird way. If I don't answer right away assume I'm at work.
I am currently 24.
Self taught artist with basic high school taught things. I am not the best but I enjoy what I do. I will give you a critique if asked and will be honest. Please do not ask for my opinion or critique on something if you can not handle honest criticism, I will honestly tell you what could be fixed in order to help you improve, I will not praise you for mistakes that you are obviously making. I do not say things to be rude or hurt your feelings in anyway I am just doing what I'd want someone to do for me when asking for constructive criticism (: In the end it is just an opinion from my point of view, do what you want with it.
Most of the time I am nice, but do something wrong and you will easily be someone who is annoying me xD;

★↘DON'T push the button!
-Do NOT try to add me :/ I'm serious I will decline you. If you talk to me for a while in one of my threads or any other thread I might be up to adding you but it just depends. I don't like people who add me because I do art, just because I make freebies doesn't mean that you will get one every single time you post in one of my threads because you are a friend. I only draw friends who I actually enjoy. Those who actually send me pm's, talk to me about stupid things, have conversations about art related things, non art related things, and those who posted in my threads not bugging about getting art constantly. eu e
If I post up a shop/freebie thread and you send me a friend request I will straight out decline. For obvious reason being that you only want to be my friend for art e - e and yes, their have been people who do this hence why I wont accept friend request at random especially right after I post an art thread of any kind. Unless you were in a stream of mine and I said you could add me.

★↘ Everything else I'm puking out emotion_puke
-I enjoy random conversations with people, I will talk to anyone really haha. I'm actually a pretty rude, blunt, sarcastic, and childish person XD lol Don't assume I'm nice just because I'm nice to you in a few threads, If I have no interest in what you are talking about I will tell you. I am honest in what I say, I don't say thing people want to hear to make them feel better. I will tell you what you need to hear so you stfu. I'm pretty sure I'm bi-polar or something, I will be nice to you one moment and than you'll want to block me the next XD my bad.

★↘ Where are you SKEITH!
-Fact: Skeith is the name of my skeleton *w * He has found himself a home in my shot glass lol

If I'm not online here you can find me at one of the places linked above, I have DA and Tmblr pinned has tabs on my browser and check them constantly. If you are a friend you can add me on Skype has well: SterioMonster - emotion_dealwithit find meh. If you do not tell me who you are on Skype when you try to add me I will decline your request.

★↘Art related spew!
-To the other artists I know: I love you guys ;w ; and I am really secretly jealous of you lol. Unless you suck eggs than I am pretty happy with myself! lol j.s.
I do draw freebies when I am bored or working between commissions and want to do something that isn't very clean or actually necessary to do. I will not give you a freebie if you constantly bug me about them, if you pm me asking for one you will be ignored, I only draw freebies for those who have what I'm looking to draw. I am a mainly male artists : d very rarely do I draw girls now.
If you ever have a question about how I do something just let me know and I can usually show you! XD I use Paint Tool SAI, Manga Studio 5, and occasionally Autodesk Sketchbook to draw in :] I have a wacom 15wx cintiq that I draw with and a little bamboo create.

If you ever have any questions about anything feel free to pm me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

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*If you label your messages
I usually answer faster
depending on what it's about
and if I'm at work or not.
I do check Gaia on my phone during my breaks
but don't often respond to unlabeled messages.